Shiv Temple, Baijnath

The town which is putting up in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is Baijnath. The well-known and primordial Shiva temple is located here which is also called as Baijnath Temple. The distance between Baijnath Temple and Palampur in the Beas valley is 16 km. The Baijnath Temple has gained its physical appearance by two merchants Ahuka and Manyuka in 1204 A.D. The temple’s edifice delineates the architecture of early medieval North Indian grace. Its type of edifice is popular by the name of ‘Nagara' grace of temple.The peripheral walls of the temple are covered up with many partitions and pictures of Hindu god and goddesses. The god Shiva is considered to be the “Lord of Physician”. Shiva has acquired the form of ‘Lingam’.The main shrine of Shiva temple is sited in the porch of the temple. Visitors visit this temple with the aim of curing their diseases by mean of temple’s water. A large number of people use to visit this temple.

Getting There

Visitors can reach Baijnath Temple by three modes: Road, Rail and Air. The first mode that is of road is carried out by buses as these buses are there to join Baijnath to many other cities which are Delhi , Chandigarh , Jalandhar , Pathankot , Ludhiana , Amritsar , Jammu , Shimla , Manali , Una , Palampur and Dharamshala. Visitors can visit the temple of Baijnath by mean of toy train. The third mode of reaching towards Baijnath Temple is airplane and the visit is carried out by mean of the Gaggal Airport.

Baijnath Security And Some Tips

There are so many security arrangements in order to get devoid of any undesirable constituent. The security is at work throughout the 24 hours. Visitors are safe to visit this temple. There is no threat of being theft and face any crime.

When To Visit Baijnath

Each and every minute is suitable to visit the temple. This temple is open for the devotees during both morning and evening hours. People from all over the world are present there to visit the temple with great devotion.

What To See and Do

At the entrance of the temple there is hall consisting of a large ‘Mandap' in the centre and on either sides of the temple there exists two balconies. There is a small porch before mandapas to be found under four columns. This small porch consists of a large picture of Nandi. It is a saying that Ravana had worshipped Lord Shiva at this temple. There are also other temples of god and goddesses except Lord Shiva.

Where To Stay in Baijnath

Visitors to visit the temple can stay at hotels like Hotel Highland Regency and Welcom Heritage Taragarh Palace. Hotel Highland Regency is sited near the bus stand of Palampur and Welcom Heritage Taragarh Palace is positioned near the temple itself.

Where Else To stay

There are also many dharamshalas for the visitors to have their stay. These dharamshalas also provide food facility. Some visitors use to put off their luggage into these dharamshalas. Visitors take rest at these dharamshalas and continue their journey.

Festivals in Baijnath

A large number of people are flocked towards this temple with a spirit of true devotions. So many festivals are celebrated here with great joy and enthusiasm. Festivals like Makara Sankranti, Maha Shivaratri, Vaisakha Sankranti, Shravana Mondays, etc find their celebration with big deal of splendor. These festivals increase the glory of this temple.

Baijnath Side Trips

There are so many other places lying closer to this temple. These places are Dhauladhar Ranges and several mountain streams, Tibetan Monastries at Sherabling Bhattu, Chowgan and Chauntra on the Mandi Highway and at Bir, Khir Ganga Ghats, Mahankaal Temple on Chobin Road, Mukut Nath Temple, international paragliding site named Billing, Binwa Hydro-Electric Project, Mahavatar Baba Ji Meditation Centre and Sherab Ling Monastery.

Travel Tips For Baijnath

Visitor should take a camera with themselves so as to have the evidence of the holy visit. Visitors should also take clothes with themselves which are required during holy bath so as to eradicate the diseases. Visitors should also take a personal diary for keeping record of each and every part of the journey.

Hence, this is a holy trip which is meant not only curing diseases but also gaining mental peace and getting blessed by the god Shiva.

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