Motidungri Temple


Jaipur is the marvelous centre of visiting places. There are so many famous temples situated in Jaipur in which Motidungri Temple is one of them. It is the ancient temple of Lord Ganesh. A stunning palace has encircled the temple having a resemblance of Scottish castle. The son of Madho Singh was putting up at this palace. This palace is not meant for public. The temple signifies astonishing architecture. It comprises three domes revealing three core religions. Motidungri Temple is stretched over a span of 2 kms. It is also known as Ganesh Temple. This temple is placed on a trifling hill sited at the heart of Jaipur called as Moti Dungriwhich is the synonym of Pearl Hill. It is engraved out of stone and consists of so many images of god with gorgeous artistic design having the cover of marble.

History Of The Motidungri Temple

As per the sayings of the priests, the king of Mewar after having the long journey had returned to his palace dragging the deity of Lord Ganesh on a bullock cart. He wanted to establish the temple of Ganesh and had come to adecision that the place where the bullock would get ceased he would set up the temple at that place. Then the bullock cart got halted on to the small hill named as Moti Dungri and thus the temple found its establishment, which is its present position. The temple was laid down only for the ‘Shaiva' which means the followers of Shiva. The temple’s construction had taken place within the charge of Seth Jai Ram Paliwal.

jaipur-moti-doongri-ganeshDeity Of Lord Ganesh

The main beauty of the temple lies in the idol of the god. Similarly this temple has got its prettiness by its idol of Lord Ganesh. The statue of Lord Ganesh is shaped in such a way that it reveals the sitting position of Lord Ganesh and the trunk is faces towards left. The idol is large in size. Mushak is the riding vehicle of Lord Ganesh which is also placed along with the idol. The statue of the perception and richness is the idol of Lord Ganesh. At starting of every occasion the Lord Ganesh use to be worshipped as it is a sign of prosperity. Wednesday is the special day of the shrine.

Motidungri Darshan

The main ceremony of the shrine is its Darshan. The puja of the god is incomplete without the darshan of the god. At the time of darshan devotees pray for the god and provide offerings to him. There are a number of long queues for the darshan at the main gate. The process of darshan takes place seven times in a day.

Motidungri Puja

After having the darshan, the process of puja use to be carried out, in which so many bhajans and keertan are being sung by devotees. These bhajans and keertan purifies our mind and heart with a deep faith in god and is also being sung to please the god.

Untitled-1Motidungri Parshad

The blessing of the god to his devotees is the parshad. By having the parshad people attains the feeling of gratification. The laddus of Mung, Besan and motichur are offered to the deity of Lord Ganesh as parshad

Motidungri Aastha

This temple fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. Aficionadosat the time of marriage deliver the first card to Lord Ganesh as an invitation. If any new vehicle is purchased then its Ganesh pujan use to take place.

Motidungri Festivals

A large number of crowds are collected at the time of festivals. The festivals which are celebrated in the shrine are- Ganesh Chaturthi, Janamastami, Annkuta and Paush Bada. These festivals are celebrated with a great joy and devotion.

Motidungri Best Time to Visit

As the temperature during the month of mid-March to June is at par, therefore, this period of time is being evaded for visiting the temple. From the time of July up-to August the weather is pleasant which is the best time to visit the temple.

Motidungri Arrangement

There is best arrangement of securing shoes and sleepers. There is also an arrangement of separate queue of women which is a part of their security. The devotees are being secured of being theft by mean of police protection.

Thus this temple is a sign of true devotion and faith of people so as to attain the purity of soul and live the life in a happy and prosperous way.

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