Bahucharaji Temple Gujarat

Devotees at Bahucharaji temple

The location of Bahucharaji Temple lies in the Bahucharaji town in Mehsana district of Gujarat, India. The original temple has gained its solid structure in 1783 CE (AD). The construction of the shrine is in the hand of Manajirao gaikwad sarkar. It is worshipped in the honour of Bahuchara Mata. Bahuchara mata is the goddess of Hindus. The daughter of charan Bapal dan Detha is Bahucharaji. She and her sisters went on a visit with the caravan. That caravan was attacked by a robber named Bapiya. At the time of attack Bahucharaji and her sisters decided to perform tragu (self-immolation) and thus cut their breasts. According to legends bapiya was cursed and become impotent and in order to remove his curse he worshipped Mata bahucharaji in the dress and acts of women and thus Mata Bahucharaji was worshipped by hijra community.It is one of the three Shakti peeths. The construction of the temple is in accordance to the laws of Vastu Shastra. It entails most havan Mandap for yagna. It is a famous mandir of India. It possesses the peaceful environment.

Getting There

The temple of Bahucharaji lies near to the Ahmedabad which is connected to many other cities by mean of railway network. The journey of Bahucharaji temple can also be carried out by mean of main airport of Ahmedabad.

Security And Some Tips

There are not much arrangements of security. There are only policemen for crowd management and protection. There are no CCTV cameras and metal detectors. People should keep their luggage at safe and secure place. People should not carry cash and ornaments with them. Cameras and mobile phones are allowed to be taken into the temple premises.

When To Visit

The timings of the temple are 5 AM to 9 PM. The duration of the visit is around 1 hour. The best time to visit this temple is at the time of puja which use to takes place during 7 AM to 11 AM. 1.5 million people use to visit this temple.

What To See And Do

A large part of the shrine is occupied by a fort with four ‘burj' and three Gates. It entails dome and shikhar. There is a large hall facing Garbhagriha consisting of pillars decorated with dolls. For performing religious ceremonies there is a Havan or Agni kund. It also entail an open ground known as ‘chachar no chowk'. Mansarover lies near to the gate of the temple. The ‘Mundan’ ceremony of the children is performed in this temple. The shrine is festooned with the figures of stone. This temple consists of the deity of Devi having the sawari of cock. The most fascinating part of the shrine is its puja which takes place in the morning. The darshan of mata provide hope to devotees of being rid out of sorrows and pains. Boys are engaged in the temple in order to cook rice in earthen pots which is distributed as prasad. Food and Churma’s Laddu are also distributed as prasad.

Where To Stay

There are some dharamshalas near Bahucharaji Temple where people can take rest and can have food at nominal prices. These dharamshalas are: Shree Bahuchraji Prajapati Dharamshala at Bahucharaji and Shree Patan Prajapati Gnawati Wadi at Patan etc.

Where Else To Stay

Yatri can also have their stay at hostels. There are many hostels in mehsana meant for the people who want to visit the temple of Bahucharaji. These hostels are: Shree Prajapati Hostel and Prajapati Hostel. They also charge the stay at reasonable price.


There is organization of the big fair on full moon of Chaitra and Aso months every year. Folk dances and dramas of ‘Bhavai' are also takes place in the temple premises. The festival of holi and phagun are also celebrated here.

Side Trips

There are so many places to visit around this temple. These places are: Sonpati Hanuman Temple,

Ambaji Mandir, Balaram Palace, Palanpur, Mansarover Lake, Big Cinemas and jessore wildlife sanctuary etc.

Travel Tips

People should take video cameras to trap each and every part of the visit. They also should take a personal diary so as to have a documentation of feelings and emotions at that moment. People should also hire a tourist guide in order to have the knowledge of the temple.

Thus, it is a sacred site and a great touch to ancient period of history.

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