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Amber Fort – The Most Precious Gem of Jaipur

Amber fort

The Most Precious Gem of Jaipur : Amer Fort

Visiting Hours : 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Contact No : 0141 253 0293

Entry Fee (In Indian Rupees):

Indian : Rs. 25.00 Student : 10
Foreigner : Rs. 200.00 Student : 100

Light Shows Timing (Onwords)

    • In English : 7.30 pm
      Entry Fee : Rs. 200.00
      In Hindi : 8:00 PM
      Entry Fee : Rs. 100.00
  • Elephant Ride at Amber Palace for two persons Rs. 900/-

    Amer fortWhen we talk about the Jaipur then it is not possible that we could ignore the Amer fort. It is most beautiful fort and the pride of Jaipur. Amer fort is also spelled, known and pronounced as Amber Fort. It is located in Amer, 11 k.m from Jaipur. It is one of the major tourist attractions, located high on hill. The fort is remarkable for its majestic grandeur, surroundings, battles and beautiful palaces and halls. Fort is known for its Indian Artistic Style, blending Hindu and Rajputs elements. Amer Fort has the marvelous decoration influenced by both, the Hindu and Muslim manner of ornamentation. Tourists simply astonish by intricate carving on the walls and ceilings. Exquisite paintings of hunting scenes on the walls depict the temperament of the Rajputs, who were extremely revolutionary, adventurous, and self-indulgent. Its Indian architecture includes large ramparts, series of gates; the fort overlooks the ‘Maota Lake’, at its forefront.

    The Amer Fort was built by ‘Raja Shri Maan Singh JI Saheb’ (Maan Singh I) (December 21, 1550 – July 6, 1614) in 16th century. Man Singh, one of the first war chiefs or the trusted general of the Emperor Akbar. Akbar included him among the ‘Navaratnas’, or the 9 (nava) gems (ratna) of the royal court. Man Singh began the construction of a fortress-palace of white and red sandstone i.e. Amer Fort in 1592. He was the Kacchwaha (Rajput) of King of Amber, a state later known as Jaipur. Nearby he ordered to set a small temple devoted to ‘Sheela Mata’, his patron goddess.

    ‘Diwaan-e-Aam’ and ‘Diwaan-e-Khaas’

    Diwaan-e-Aam, Diwaan-e-Khas

    Diwan-e-Aam’ or the ‘Hall of Public Audience’ is a beautiful hall stands on two rows of ornamented pillars and opens on three sides. It is said that king used to listen about needs and complaints of General public. ‘Diwan e-Khaas’ or the ‘Hall of Private Audience’ has delicate mosaic work in glass. In this hall, king used to meet special guests from other states, ministers, and his friends.

    ‘Sukh Niwaas’ (Sukh Mandir)

    Sukh Niwaas, which is opposite to ‘Diwaan-e-Khaas’ having doors made of sandal wood and ivory. There is a channel running through the hall, which carried cool water that worked as an air cooler, with the aid of breeze. In this artistic hall cool climate was artificially created. It is said that the kings used to spend time in this Sukh Niwaas with their queens and sometimes with their mistresses that is why it is known as the residence of pleasure or pleasurable residence in English.

    ‘Sheesh Mahal’

    Sheesh MahalThe Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) is the most famous and beautiful part of Amber Fort. You must remember the song of the famous bollywood Classic Film ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ i.e. “pyaar kiya toh darna kya”, yes, it was shot in Sheesh Mahal. That song filmed beautifully but the all credit goes to the beauty of Sheesh mahal. The Walls and ceiling of this hall is carved with beautiful paintings and flowers and that too made with pure glass. The reason behind why this hall was made by glass because in ancient days the queen was not allowed to sleep in open air but she loved to see the stars shining. So the king ordered his architects to make something which could solve the purpose. The most stunning thing about this hall is that if someone burns two candles, then the reflection converts that small light into thousand of stars.

    ‘Mughal Garden’ or ‘Kesar Kyaari’

    Mugal garden

    Kesar Kyaari is the another beautiful part of Amber fort, the Kesar Kyari Bagh in a garden on Maota Lake, right before Amber Fort, in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This garden has star-shaped flower beds in which the King used to plant saffron flowers. The English meaning of Kesar Kyaari is the ‘saffron fields’. But now a days climate does not allow to plant saffron.

    Elephant rideElephant Ride

    The Elephant Ride is the major attractive activity in Amber Fort. It costs Rupees 550 to take a ride on elephant at the amber fort, but for the foreign tourists it is really a fun activity and the principle attraction. The timings for the elephant ride are 7.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

    The Amber Fort is an excellent example of amazing technology, and this shows that our Jaipur in terms of technology is always been a pioneer… Great Jaipur…. Great Rajasthan..

    By : Pooja Agarwal

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