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Vaishno Devi Temple

December 24, 2014 // 0 Comments

Vaishno Devi Temple Vaishno Devi is a well- known goddess of India. It is popular by two other different names and i.e. Mata Rani and Vaishnavi. It is another picture of mother DURGA. The holy Hindu temple of India is Vaishno Devi Temple.The temple of Vaishno Devi is situated in the Trikuta Mountain. It is positioned 61 km north of Jammu which [...]

Sidhivinayak Temple

December 24, 2014 // 0 Comments

Sidhivinayak Temple The sign of traditional beauty and architecture is Sidhivinayak Temple. It is devoted to that idol of Hinduism which has the head of elephant to which we call “Lord Ganesh”. This temple is positioned at Prabhadevi which is in Mumbai (Maharashtra).Over 25,000 devotees have rushed towards the temple so as to offer prayers and [...]

Khatu Shyam Ji

December 24, 2014 // 0 Comments

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple The temple of Khatu shyam ji is the holy place of Hindus. This shrine lies at a distance of 45 km from the Sikar district in Rajasthan. This place is worshipped and visited in the honour of Barbarika who was grandson of Bheema (chapter of Mahabharat). He has got the boon by Lord Krishna that in kalyug he (barbarika) was [...]

Vaishno Devi Yatra

October 8, 2014 // 0 Comments

Vaishno Devi Vaishno Devi is the holy identity of Hindus. She is the true faith of a number of people. It is the saying that the all sorts of people’s wishes are fulfilled by Mata if these wishes are originated from true heart. The most visitingconsecrated place of Hindus is the temple of Vaishno Devi. Mata find her residence in the Trikuta [...]

Vaishno Devi Temple Ways of Transport

October 8, 2014 // 0 Comments

Ways of transport from Katra to Bhavan Vaishno Devi Temple Vaishno Devi Temple is the sacred place of worship of Hindus. All sorts of wishes of devotees are fulfilled here. It is sited in the Trikuta Mountain. This temple is placed in the north of Jammu at a distance of 61 km within northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. The base camp for vaishno [...]

Ardhkuwari Vaishno Devi

October 8, 2014 // 0 Comments

Story Of Ardhkuwari Vaishno Devi Vaishno Devi Vaishno Devi is arrival of Goddess Durga. She symbolizes sacred beauty. The glory of Vaishno Devi is at par. Devotees use to walk on long route to make wish to Goddess Vaishno Devi and she give her love to them as her sons/daughters and fulfills their wishes. Mata Vaishno Devi is set up in the form of [...]