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Abhaneri was established by King Chand of Rajasthan in the 8th century and lies in the Dausa district of northern Rajasthan. Earlier the place was known by the name of AbhaNagri meaning “the city o brightness”. Abhaneri was a gifted place of craftsmen and sculptures and their amazing art are till the part of the museums and art galleries.The charm and amazement of the place go lost somewhere. This passage will help the tourists to know about the place more deeply so that they can start with their trip to Abhaneri.

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Most beautiful attractions in : Abhaneri

Chand Baori in Abhaneri :

AbhaneriCarrying out the deep hindu mythology, chand baori is one most deepest well of the world. The well is built in the front of the Harshat Mata temple symbolizing its traditional and religious importance of the same. Chand Baori is 100 feet deep which involves 3500 narrow steps to reach the down water. Chand boari is one such example of rain water harvesting which stores the rain water in the deep well which is purely safe and hygienic. In Earlier days, abhaneri suffered from the dry weather which resulted in construction of this step well. Earlier chand baori was a place of royal gathering where the king and queen along with their guests used to enjoy the traditional art form performed by villagers.

Chand baori is one such astonishing view which can never be seen anywhere. Chand baori is a best example of geometry excellence of the bygone era. One must visit this place to feel the pride and honour shared by the king at that time.

Harshat Mata temple in Abhaneri:

Abhaneri-Temple-031Harshat Mata Temple is situated just opposite to chand baori well. The goddess harshat was known as the goddess of joy. The statue of the goddess is protected from all the sides by the iron boundaries in the middle of the temple. The temple was fragmented during the rule of Mughal and Turkish invaders in order to divide the religious beliefs. Every villager believed that the abhaneri is a place of peace and security under the blessings of Mata Harshat. And that’s why, even after destruction, the villagers tried to collect all the small pieces and rebuild the temple. The local people still have faith in Mata Harshat and come to visit the temple to take her blessings.

Harshat mata temple is one representation of faith concluding by the local people even when the temple is fragmented.

Sariska National Park : sariska national park is accessible from Abhaneri. Sariska tiger reserve is 866 km which is almost 10 km from abhaneri. The wildlife found in sariska are Bengal tiger, leopard, jungle cat, caracal, striped hyena, golden jackal, chital, smbhar, nilgai, wild boar, hare, hanuman langur, plenty of bird species, reptiles and many more.

Sariska national park is a destination of fauna located in the region of northern rajasthan.

Dausa: dausa is a district situated in north-eastern region of Rajasthan, which was ruled by Bargujars. Dausa was one of the important political place for Dhundhar region from Rajor inscription. Dausa is a birth place to many freedome fighters like Sh. Tikaram Paliwal, Sh. Ram Karan Joshi, and many more. The famous poet Sant Sunderdas was born in Dausa who was a renowned Nirgun Panthi Sant. Dausa is entitled as one district dedicated to the nation which participated in the prominent fights against India.

Abhaneri is worth traveling region in Rajasthan which deserves a pride and honor in the world because of the amazing architectural beauty and traditional customs. Abhaneri is one such place which contributes to the Indian heritage at the global level.

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