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Khatu Shyam Ji

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple

The temple of Khatu shyam ji is the holy place of Hindus. This shrine lies at a distance of 45 km from the Sikar district in Rajasthan. This place is worshipped and visited in the honour of Barbarika who was grandson of Bheema (chapter of Mahabharat). He has got the boon by Lord Krishna that in kalyug he (barbarika) was worshipped by his name Khatu Shyam Ji. As people use to worship him with true heart so in return their each and every wish is fulfilled. Before 975 years, the wife of Roopsingh Chauhan Smt. Narmada Kanwar saw the dream in which she was inculcated by the idol to get her image out of the earth. At the specified place, after digging the present idol of Shri ShyamJi was found and thus the temple was built up of that deity. The prescribed place is now called as Shyam Kund.

Getting There

One can reach Khatushyamji temple only after reaching Ringus which can be approached by mean of rail network which is connected to Delhi and Jaipur. After reaching Ringus one can reach the temple through bus, taxi and auto-rickshaw. From Jaipur there are many buses at ambabari bus stop which takes people to the temple within 2 hours. One can also reach the shrine by hiring one’s own vehicle.

Security And Some Tips

For temple security policemen are engaged for crowd management. There is a separate queue of men and women for the protection of women and theft. Yatris should not carry cash and ornaments with them. They should keep their luggage at safe and secure place.

When To Visit

The best time to visit the shrine is during the month of February and March at the time of morning and evening aarti. It can be visited throughout the year. The timings of this shrine are:

  • 5:30 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 9 PM on winter days.
  • 4:30 AM to 12:30 PM and 4 PM to 10 PM on summer days.

What To See And Do

The architecture of Khatu Shyam is attractive and prepared finely. The temple is made up of marble lime mortar and tiles. The doors of the shrine are coated with silver. There is a prayer hall outside the temple which is known as ‘Jagmohan’ and covers up the span of 12.3m × 4.7 m. Mythological scenes are depicted by paintings on the wall. The doors of entry and exit are made up of marble. An open space has been stretched out on to the front of temple’s entry. In adjacent to the temple there is a beautiful garden called as ‘Shyam Bagicha’. Flowers of this garden are chosen so as to offer to the deity. One of the famous devotees ‘Aloo Singh’ has its Samadhi in the garden.

The idol of Khatu Shyam Ji entails only his head which is decorated and is made up of rare stone. The idol of Khatu Shyam has gained veneration in every respect to a great-extend. This idol is not a blind faith but it is a sign of true happening. The family god of a number of families is Khatu Shyam ji.There are five types of aartis that are takes place in the temple. They are as follows:

  • Mangala Aarti- That takes place early in the morning when the temple is opened up.
  • Shringaar Aarti-That takes place after decoration and ornamentation of idol of Khatu Shyam Ji
  • Bhoog Aarti- That takes place at noon during distribution of Prasad
  • Sandhaya Aarti- That takes place during the sunset
  • Sayana Aarti-That takes place at night before closing the temple

The two chants are chanted for the lord i.e. ‘Shri Shyam Aarti’ and ‘Shri Shyam Vinati’.Dryfruits, churma, laddus and pedas are distributed as Prasad. There is separate kitchen for making churma.

Where To Stay

There are large numbers of dharamshalas and Vishram Griha near the sanctum of Khatu shyam ji which provide boarding and lodging facilities at economical prices. They are: Shree Shyam Charitable Trust Jaipur, Shree Shyam Prachar Mandal Rewadi, shree Shyam Baba Trust Kanpur and Shree Shyam Panchayati Vishram Sthal etc.

Where Else To Stay

There are also hotels near this temple which provides luxury. These hotels are: Natraj Hotel, Hotel Morvi, Shyam Hotel and Hotel Kavita.


From phalgun’s tenth to twelfth day, a great festival is celebrated and is attended by a large number of devotees. The other festivals areJal Jhulani Ekadashi, Basant Panchami, Holi and Janamashthami. The centre of attraction of this temple is ‘Phalguna Mela’.

Side Trips

There are many places to visit around Khatu Shyam Ji temple. They are Ganeshwar, Jeen Mataji Temple, Harshnath Templeand Madho Niwas Khoti etc.

Travel Tips

Yatris should take video camera with them so as to trap each and every moment of the trip. Yatris should also take a personal diary for having the written record of the whole visit along with the feelings and emotions at that time. They should also hire a tourist guide who gives the complete knowledge of the temple including its history. They should also take first aid so as to cure frequent injury.

Hence, people are getting out of their sorrows and pain by mean of their true faith and devotion which are followed by this temple.

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