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Jai Niwas Garden

Every year, Jaipur creates a center of attraction among huge number of tourists. This pink city is eminent and is considered to be one of the most conventionally significant cities of the country. Tourists can find quite a lot of gardens in Jaipur. However, Jai Niwas Garden in Jaipur is one of the most popular gardens that is visited by a large number of tourists. Jai Niwas garden has numerous, breathtaking plants and some striking structures. In fact, the vista of the garden is an enchantment to the visitors’ eye.


Jai Niwas garden is situated at Jaleb Chowk at the rear the Govind Devji temple. The Jai Niwas Garden is like a feather in the crown of Jaipur city. This garden is located at the heart of the city. Tourists can reach Jai Niwas garden easily from various parts of Jaipur city by taking a local bus, rickshaw or taxi. Since the garden is in close proximity to the main market it is good for the visitors to find best hotels and eateries from here. Jai Niwas garden is a quiet and tranquil place that wraps itself up with foliage of the city which makes it a hub for plant varieties and nature aficionados. The silence of the garden’s environment makes visitors feel relaxed and stress-free after an exhausted and tedious lifestyle.

Beauty and archetypal design of the garden:

Despite the fact that there are a large number of gardens in Jaipur, the Jai Niwas Garden has a special appeal with an elite allure. Jai Niwas Garden is a verdant green garden that has huge assortments of plants in the state that is more notable for its wilderness. The design of Jai Niwas garden has a unique touch of archetypal “Mughal Charbagh” prototype. This wonderful design incorporates a large number of gorgeous plants. Numerous impressive structures of the garden offer a dazzling look to it. The garden also dwells a small shrine of deity Krishna. The temple is also renowned as the Govind ji temple and is one of the primary attractions in the Jai Niwas garden. Devotees gather at this temple to get the heavenly Darshan of God Krishna. Above and beyond, this shrine has an eye-catching statue fixed. The statue creates a center of attraction among a lot of visitors as it was established by Sawai Jai Singh II.

Garden of serenity and amusement:

The serene loveliness of the garden offers an invigorating experience to the voyagers and visitors. Tourists and visitors feel relaxed to take the weight off their feet in the bound of nature. Jai Niwas Garden is the abode of all nature lovers as it offers an amazing and incredible atmosphere to spend a quality time with family and friends beneath a celestial place of pilgrimage. Jai Niwas Garden offers a lot to children and adults. People of all ages take pleasure in the huge lush garden, playing field and more than a few slides and swings. All visitors can totally immerse themselves in this sacred and celestial place that spreads its harmony by informing the path of devotees and spiritual people.

Highlights of Jai Niwas Garden:

Despite the matchless appearance of the garden, it has a lot of other attractions for the tourists:

Small temple of Lord Krishna: The temple of lord Krishna also known as the Govind Ji temple is one of the primary magnetism in the garden. What’s more, the shrine has a beautiful idol. Not counting the regular tourists, Jai Niwas garden manages to pull numerous devotees from other places of the world.

Green and lush setting: When tourists visit Rajasthan, they look forward to see only the barren region of the desert. In contrast, the Jai Niwas garden of Jaipur offers them a pleasurable surprise. Also, a huge assortment of plants in such barren state will be a pleasant surprise to the tourists. In addition, the relaxing ambiance of the garden will offer a revitalizing experience to the voyagers.

There are so many tour operators who offer all-embracing tour to the Jai Niwas Garden. On the other hand, try to obtain the services from some of the best travel agents in the city to get a pleasant tour experience.

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