Vaishno Devi Temple Ways of Transport

Ways of transport from Katra to Bhavan

Vaishno Devi Temple

Vaishno Devi Temple is the sacred place of worship of Hindus. All sorts of wishes of devotees are fulfilled here. It is sited in the Trikuta Mountain. This temple is placed in the north of Jammu at a distance of 61 km within northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. The base camp for vaishno Devi memorial is Katra i.e. the town at the foot of the Trikuta hills. Bhavan is the place where temple is positioned. The key ingress of Trikuta Hills called as Darshani Darwajaor Darshan Deodhi as Trikuta hills can be viewed from here completely. It is the place where meeting of Vaishno  Mata and Devotee Shridhar had taken place.

Vaishno Transport

The distance between Katra and Bhawan is near about 13 kilometers. It is difficult to cross the distance of 13 kilometers within a given period of time. Different modes of transport are being needed to complete the journey from Katra to Bhawan. It becomes convenient for the devotees to travel the yatra of long distance. Following are the different ways of transport to travel from Katra to Bhavan:

  • To Have The Own Vehicle:

From having the Yatra from Katra to Bhawan it is convenient to have our own vehicle. We can start our journey on our own vehicle from Katra to Bhawan. It is comfortable to have our own vehicle as we can continue our journey according to ourselves. The vehicle can be driven up to Darshan Deodhi and thenit can be parked at aspecific location. There is a nice facility of parking.

  • Auto-Rickshaw :

In present times there is a prevalence of auto-rickshaw which speed-up our journey and thus we can reach to our final destination within a short fraction of time. We can use auto-rickshaw from the journey of Katra to Darshan Deodhi. Each person is charged Rs 7 to 10 as the fare of auto-rickshaw. These auto-rickshaws are also booked by mean of token system. A number of auto-rickshaws are available to solve the purpose.

  • Helicopter:

The fastest way of transport from Katra to Sanjichat is helicopter. Helicopters of two companies use to prevail in the journey. These companies are- Himalayan and Global Vectra. It takes 5 minutes to reach the destination. The distance between Sanjichat and Bhawan is 3 kilometers. The price of journey from Katra to Sanjichat and returning back from sanjichat to Katra of these two companies is Rs 2000 per person. There is a system of online booking for helicopters. The tickets of the helicopters have to be booked before 1 month. A large number of people dash to have the booking of helicopters. A time of 2-3 hours are given by the companies of helicopters so as to come back to Sanjichat from Bhawan and these timings are adjusted by the yatris in accordance to crowd of people. At a single moment of time a helicopter can carry 6 persons. Darshan are given to the people who travel from helicopter .


Ponies are the horses of small breed and are used to travel the journey when helicopters are unavailable due to rush or in case the person is unable to afford helicopter. These ponies are on work from Darshan Deodhi to Bhawan and Bhairon Temple and get halted to Ardhkuwari Temple. The charge of each person to be carried on to the pony differs from Rs 300 to 600 that are according to the weight and age of the person.

  • Palanquins:

The facility of Palanquins is also there so as to cover up the long distance from Darshan Deodhi to Bhawan and Bhairon Temple. The Palanquins use to get halted at Ardhakuwari Temple. The charge of each person differs from Rs 2200 to Rs.4000 and that is according to the weight and age of the person.

  • Pittus:

The pittus are on work from Darshan Deodhi to Bhawan and Bhairon Temple which get halted at Ardhakuwari Temple. These pittus are used to carry luggage and children. The charge of the pittu differs from Rs 200 to 500 that are according to the weight of luggage and children.

  • Walk:

This is the best mode of moving from Katra to Bhawan. 90% of people prefer such a mode of transport as it reveals real spirit of devotee. Most of the people use to walk with barren feet so as to get their wishes fulfilled by Mata.


Thus, the above mentioned are not only the modes of transport for the yatra from Katra to Bhawan but they are best way to achieve purity of mind with real spirit.

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