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The NoHo place of central Hongkong was once just a piece of land where hardly the local residents and visitors were interested to visit. But in recent year, the place is flourished with many centres, restaurants and shops in the nearby. This speaks of the great development of the area in recent areas. One of the restaurant which shrines to the perfection of NoHo is sup1 restaurant. Sup1 restaurant is a choice for many visitors in the number one place when it comes of hanging around with friends. The theme of the restaurant is very casual and this is what makes the restaurant a perfect place of dine with unique theme and attributes. The casual theme of restaurant doesn’t mean that the quality of services will be casual, but rather it defines the seating and essence to be less formal than any other restaurant in the nearby place which talks about the formal and typical theme of dining. The customers in the su1 restaurant are the regular who comes along to relax their mood entering inside the tiny door of sup1. With no formal dining, the regular customers love the essence of the restaurant which assists the environment of casual talks. This place is coined best for hanging around for hours after supper. This place is best suited especially for the couples and group of friends who can sit and enjoy their quality time along with great variety of choices in food. The staffs in return, behave very sincerely and disciplined with their customers. Their polite and friendly tone with their customers is one such factor why people love to come and enjoy their time in sup1. When talking about the food of sup1, the quality and quantity both of sup1 are never categorized to compromise. The staff and chefs of sup1 believe in delivering the bets quality food to their customers so that they can enjoy their conversation with their friends along with tasty food and beverages. And this ultimately lets the customers to come and dine again in the restaurant. The regular customers of sup1 are found to enjoy their time in their favourite place known as sup1. Sup1 offers the best time to enjoy along with the best essence of casual theme interiors which offers the best quality hours to spend. The staffs of sup1 also somewhere attract the customers to enjoy their time n the restaurant. The friendly aromas and attitude of the staff of sup1 helps the customers to sit and chit chat with their group comfortably. Talking from the essence to the food of the restaurant, every segment helps in enlighting the pourness of the restaurant. One can notice the pure aromas when entering the gate of sup1, every corner of the restaurant is filled with smiling faces of customers and their friendly attitude and relaxing mood. One thing that the restaurant assures is that the customers releave from their tensions when entering in the restaurant. The credit goes not only to the food of the restaurant, but to every segment including the attitude of staff, aroma in the air and services of the restaurant. Sup1 is titled as the place where people enjoy their time without any worries and also express their thoughts to other strangers as well. The unity in staff seems to be transferred to their customers as well who loves to interact with different people under the amazing aroma of the restaurant sup1. With no confusion, the place sup1 is titled as the regular place to visit specially for the local resident who is much aware of the places in neighbourhood. And thus, this ultimately defines the development and success of this restaurant when compared to other restaurant in the neighbourhood area.

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