Handicrafts Of Jaipur

Handicraft generally refers to artisanal pieces of artwork which have a decorative sense as well as serve the purpose of being of some use. These are type of decorative devices which are made by hand or simple tools. This work of art comes under the broad category of crafts. Handicraft term generally is understood as making of simple decorative tools, but is mainly indented to be “worn” i.e. has a purpose beyond decoration. Jaipur handicrafts are well known throughout the world for the best of quality and exclusive variety.

Jaipur is also known as the handicraft capital of India. The market is assorted and filled with a wide range of exquisite handicrafts. Jaipur city is a majestic city known for its rich royal culture and charismatic traditions. Handicrafts are a signature of the city’s culture; the city’s handicrafts are a major tilt and attraction of visitors and behold the position of acquiring the attention of the visitors. The handicrafts made are simple yet unique and reflect the beautiful artistic traditions of the city. The city has some great artisans and craftsmen which are responsible for creating such beautiful articles. These handicrafts based on their uses are made in a variety i.e. shape and size, type of raw materials used, price etc. From miniatures to huge sculptures the city holds a huge market for the best of handicrafts.

Jaipur Handicrafts can be broadly categorized as:- Paintings, marble handicrafts, Wooden statue, handmade papers, Mud/clay products, Stone works, Leather products, Blue pottery, Metal work, Terracotta products, Ceramic work, textiles and Jewelry.

Paintings: – Jaipur Handicraft market offers a great range of paintings from Cotton paintings to Painted accessories, Silk painting to Marble paintings, photo frames, Hindu deity gallery and some of great Mughal paintings

Marble handicrafts: – Include painted marble decorative such as pots, stands, tables, flower pots, jewelry boxes, pen stands etc. These miniatures painted or carved serve both the purpose of use and decoration and are available in varied prices according to the work done on the article.

Leather Products: – City offers a great range of pure leather goods, such as bags, jackets, wallets, bean bags are available at a very reasonable prices in the market. These leather products also include the beautiful jutis and moojari’s which has a great attraction demand in the market.

Blue Pottery: – Blue pottery is a major known specialty of the city; blue pottery is pottery having a blue colored glaze with appealing traditional designs over it. This is the most demanding article of artwork in the market and can be easily bought as it is available at a reasonable rate with appropriate bargaining.

Jaipur Zari Saree is a beautiful and intrinsic piece of garment which is adorned and loved by women over the globe. The sarees are beautifully woven and embroidered, according to the occasion the sarees are available in market. Wedding (bridal), Festive, Exclusive sarees are differentiated on the basis of zari work done on the saree.

The more intricate and heavier the zari work the more apt it is for Bridal ware. Banarsi Silk sarees with heavy embroidery and deep vibrant colours are the best option for the beautiful bridal sarees.

Bandhej Saree is one such fabric art which is loved and desired by women who like to have those royal touch traditional designs in their choice of outfit. Bandhej is printing of beautiful and intricate motifs on fabric, jaipur’s Sanganeri and Bagru prints are famous and have a huge demand in the market.

Also the jewelry of the city resembles back to the ancient times, in the reign of the Mughals and the Rajputana, the jewelry produced was an ethnic blend of the two customs. The rulers were very much concerned about the patterns and work in their ornaments. Gold jewelry, silver jewelry, imitation jewelry, Jadau kundan jewelries are some necessary types available in the market. Jadau kundan jewelry is one of the most traditional and authentic jewelry of the state, it is one of those old traditional heavy jewelry kind which were adorned by rulers and Kings of the city. The Jewelry, is a form of gold jewelry embedded with precious stones, is signature jewelry of the royal families of Rajasthan.

Jaipur has a flamboyant and vibrant culture; the mix of traditions shows the adherence to the historical civilization and the perfect pace with urbanization. The place is the hub of handicrafts. The city produces some of beautiful handicrafts which are known all over the world, the handicrafts of the city reflects the integrity and culture of the city. And hence the handicratfs from the pink city in each and every sphere defines the royal authentic culture, Heritage and Fort's  of Jaipur.

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