Nepal a place lodged between imposing white snow capped Himalayas and lush green Indian plateau forests, and is known by a number of names such as the land of Everest, the Birthplace of Lord Buddha and the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. The nature has blessed the place with its eternal beauty the snow capped mountains and the green landscape is the perfect holiday destination to refresh and rejuvenate oneself.  Nepal is landlocked on its all four sides, China on north and India on its west, south and east side. The imposing white Himalayas allure the adventure travellers from around the globe as well as the city’s beauty and nature’s blessed green lap warmly invites all the travellers from all around the globe. The traveller shops, pizzerias and the bakeries are some of the attractions of the country.

The Nepalese Handicrafts can be divided into two divisions-

Traditional/Conventional – Handicrafts such as metal statues, stone sculptures, wood carvings, religious and ritual objects, metal utensil, paubha painting (paintings represent the ancient indigenous Newari community of Kathmandu valley), Vajra, filigree and Vajra products are some traditional handicrafts.

Contemporary/Modern handicrafts- handicrafts such as furnishing materials, floor materials, Patina products (a sheen on wooden furniture produced by age, wear and polishing), batik, bone and horn products macramé, pashmina and leather products are some modern Nepalese handicrafts.

The handicrafts of some place signify the integrity and culture of their origin; the traditional and modern Handicrafts of Nepal are some authentic and original pieces of artwork and excellence.  Some major special handicrafts of the country are listed below-

FILGIRI : Filigree is the delicate kind of jewellery work majorly done on Gold or Silver jewelry, the filigree work is often mistaken with ajoure work, but it is more of lace work where as filigree is more of tied up and a bit intricate and heavy compared to ajoure jewelry. Filigree is the art of curling, twisting and plaiting of metal threads.

PATINA : Patina is a type 0of tarnish that forms on metals like copper, bronze; patinas provide a protective layer that would destroy the metal by weathering or corrosion. Patina also looks aesthetically appealing.

BATIK : Batik is a traditional method of making cloth by wax resists dyeing technique. Different batik types have variations; the Java batik has earthly coloured tones against white coloured background. Pesisir batik is more of influenced from foreign designs n motifs, having vivid colours and Chinese motifs.

PASHMINA : It is another speciality in Nepalese handicrafts, pashmina is fine cashmere wool and textiles are made from it.  The wool comes from pashmina goat or the changthangi goat.  The wool is used in making of shawls of Himalayas.

These are few things listed as the handicrafts of Nepal, which are famous and are integrated part of Nepalese culture. Tourists visiting the place should visit the local markets and must indulge 9in the goods offered as they are ethnic and unique.

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