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The Federal democratic republic of Nepal is a land locked in the foothills of Himalayas, with 147,181 sq kms of land and with 27 million populations. The place is topped off with serene beauty and is blessed by Mother Nature. The white serene mountains encircle the land of Nepal and make it a heavenly tourist destination. Nepal is a favourite destination among the adventure freaks who love enjoy and discover the hidden spots and places in the hills of Nepal. The culture customs and the living sense in Nepal is different than the usual Indian culture, but the Nepali culture is somewhere influenced from its neighbouring countries.

The country is fledges with a variety of wildlife and natural beauty with approximately 10 national parks, three wildlife reserves and one hunting reserve. Nepali is the language spoken in the country yet different ethnic groups are living here who have their different dialects. English is the mode of conduct in many schools of Kathmandu and many other cities.

There are many people living and are named on their basis of their occupation for e.g. – Damai (tailor), Sarki (cobbler), kami (blacksmith) and sonar (goldsmith).

The diverse Nepal has room for people from all customs; most of these customs are Hindus, Buddhists etc. The people living in Nepal is named as Nepalis, these people do not eat beef due to many a reasons, the religion being the first, next Cow bring the National animal of the country. The people have a very clear concept about pure and impure, “jhutho” meaning an impure food or material touched by somebody’s mouth. Nepal is an agrarian country, but yet the new Nepal carries glitz and glamour of the modern world.

There is no particular cooking style in the country, where as they have different eating habits, the food from Nepal has been influenced by India and Tibet, the authentic cooking of Nepal is found in Thakai and Newari cuisines of Nepal. Nepalese do not use cutlery and eat with their right hand.

Nepal is an avid adventurous destination, and a beautiful place to explore the adventure filled place by the travellers. Different adventurous sports can be played and one can have an adventure filled visit to the country. Mountaineering, Trekking, rock Climbing, Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, Jungle Safari, Hunting , Bird Watching and Bungee jumping are some of the major adventure sports activity which is the major essence of the country.

The diverse, vast, adventurous Nepal has another side of art and culture the art and crafts of the country reflect the landlocked culture of the country. The beauty of the handicrafts reflects the traditional hard work and designing of the ethnic people of the country.

Hence one should visit the country and explore the unlimited beauty and the serene white environment of the country which warmly welcomes and wraps the visitors into the lap of the nature’s beauty.

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