Sun Temple Gujarat

Water Reflection And The Sun Temple

The Water reflection and Sun Temple is sited at Modhera in Gujarat. This temple is visited in the honor of Hindu Sun God i.e. Surya. The building of this temple was erected in 1026 AD under the ownership of King Bhimdev belonging to Solanki dynasty. It is putting up on the bank of river Pushpavati. The carving and architecture of this temple provides an example of ancient beauty. This temple entails three parts:

  • Surya Kund:

Another name of Surya Kund is Ram Kund. It is a large tank which is meant for the purpose of storing pure water. First of all devotees perform ritual bathing and then worship God Sun.

  • Sabha Mandap:

It is the hall of religious assembly which consists of marvelous pillars which are 52 in number and thus represents 52 weeks in ayear. The sculpture reveals the pictography of Ramayana, mahabharat and Krishna Lila.

  • Guda Mandap:

The main temple is also called as Guda Temple. The main base of temple is upturned lotus-base pedestal. The opening of lotus takes place during sunrise and closing of lotuses takes place during sunset. The sunrays fall directly on the idol on the Solstice days. The idol is made up of pure gold. The idol is of God Sun which is riding chariot dragging by his saarthi Arun.

Getting There

The mode of transport of this temple is private buses, train and cab. Ahmedabad is at adistance of 100 km from Modhera and Patan is 25 km away from Ahmedabad. These three places are in connection by mean of State Transport Buses. There are private buses from Ahmedabad to Patan taking charge of Rs 60/= for reaching and returning. The railway station of Mahesana is 30 km away from Modhera. There is a cab facility to have the journey of Modhera and Patan from Mahesana with the charge of Rs 1000/= for reaching and returning. It can also be travelled by mean of Ahmedabad airport.

Security And Some Tips

This temple is very secure as people with true devotion reaches at this place. This place is sacred enough that nobody here is supposed to do theft. The luggage of the devotees is protected by themselves on their own risk. There should be the column rooms for luggage protection.

When To Visit

The visit of this temple is fascinating. It is necessary to visit the temple at its much more suitable time. The most preferable time at which it should be visited is the period from October to March. It is the best time to visit the temple.

What To See and Do

The temple is well known for its finest architecture. It’s visit is divided into three parts: Surya kund, Sabha Mandap and Guda mandap. At Surya kund devotees use to take religious bath before worshipping the God Sun. Sabha mandap is a big hall of religious assembly where thereis carving of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Krishna Lila. It consists of 52 pillars showing 52 weeks in a year. The main temple is Guda Mandap which is based on upturned lotus-base pedestal consisting of idol of God Sun which is riding chariot dragging by his saarthi Arun.

Where To Stay

From the station of Mehsana following the route of 10 minutes by auto-rickshaw there lies Sahara Bridge hotel which provides luxurious rooms costing Rs 1100-2000. People use to take rest at this hotel and start the journey.

Where Else To Stay

There is also another hotel at Patan i.e. Hotel Surya having the rooms ranges from Rs 700 to 1200. It provides comfort to people with complete security. People after taking rest continue the journey.


For bringing the atmosphere of ancient and traditional history Modhera Dance festival use to takes place during the third week of January every year. The performance use to be given by a distinguished artist so as to enchant the audience. The organization of the festival is done by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat.

Side Trips

The mata modeshwari temple is another place to visit. The town of Modhera provides Gujarati snacks and consists of local cinema of Gujarati movie. Alongwith these places it consists of many other old temples too.

Travel Tips

People should visit the temple with their family members as it ensures the safe journey. Ladies should visit the temple in group so as to make the journey safe and convenient. People should make a personal diary so as to remember this ancient and holy visit.
Hence, this temple is the great visit of remembering ancient and religious period of history.

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