Brihadeeswarar Temple

About The Temple

Other names of Brihadeeswarar Temple are Periya Kovil, RajaRajeswara Temple and Rajarajeswaram. It is a Hindu temple which is worshipped in the honour of Lord Shiva. It is sited at Thanjavur which is in Tamil Nadu. Principally, it is a finest instance of Tamil architecture. The building block of this temple is the stone of granite. It has gained its solid shape by King Rajaraja I in the 11th century. The construction of the temple is take place upon 29 square bases. Moat has cover up this temple on two sides. The other side is surrounded by Grand Anaicut river. The temple’s walls are decorated with stunning paintings. The style followed by construction of this temple is Dravidian. A portion of UNESCO World Heritage site called the “Great Living Chola Temples” is Brihadeeswarar Temple. It is the biggest temple in India and is also called as ‘Big Temple’. The temple is famous due to its ‘vimana’ and is designed in a manner that its shadow does not fall on the ground.

Getting There

Brihadeeswarar Temple is situated in Thanjavur and to reach Thanjavur there are three modes: Road, Rail and Air. There is Tamil Nadu state government bus or a private bus to complete the distance. At Thanjavur junction the journey can be carried out by mean of nearest railway station. The journey can also be carried out by air through Tiruchirapalli Airport.

Security And Tips

The cameras are installed in the temple to trap each and every activity of visitors. There is a deployment of a Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad of the Thanjavur police at the entry point of the temple. A door frame metal detector has also been placed at the entry point of the temple. Visitor should not carry cash and ornaments with them. They should keep their luggage at a safe and secure place.

When To Visit

This temple can be visited throughout the year. The duration of the visit of this temple is 2-3 hours. The timing of the temple is 5 AM to 10 PM. There is no entry fee to visit the temple. People from all over the world flocked towards this temple.

What To See And Do

After moving towards the upstairs there is an entry point of the temple. At the entrance of this temple a big idol of Nandi is placed which is 16 feet in length and 13 feet in height. On the east of entry of the temple there lies two gateways called “Gopuras”. The temple is festooned by hundreds of figures. The main temple comprises large deity of Shiva with three eyes in which third one is closed and 250 linghams. The inner walls of the temple are carved with 108 dance poses, known as “karmas” performed by Lord Shiva. It comprises pillared hall and an assembly hall known as mandapas and six feet tall idols of Agni, Varuna, Indra, Yama, Vayu, Isana, Kubera and Nirriti which are retained in the separate shrine. There are so many priests in the temple which pour down milk on to the big lingham of Shiva as abhishek.Cooked rice, vegetable dishes, ghee, Dal, rice boiled in milk, and Pansupari are offered to the deity of Lord Shiva.After doing puja the visitor can take exit by exit gate of the temple.

Where To Stay

Visitors can have their stay at hotels so as to take rest and food. There are many hotels near Brihadeeswarar Temple. These hotels are: P.L.A Residency, Gnanam Hotel, Sangam Hotel, Victoriyah Hotel, Oriental Towers Hotel, Parisutham Hotel, Karthick Hotel, Manees Residency, Ganesh Hotel, Pandiyar Residency Hotel and Newyorker Hotel etc.

Where Else To Stay

There are also many dharamshalas and lodges near Brihadeeswarar Temple which proves to be cheap if compared to hotels as they are available at minimal price.


There are so many festivals which are celebrated in this temple with great joy and delight. These festivals are: Natyanjali (a dance festival whose celebration takes place in February in order to pay respect to Shiva), Pongal, Navratri and Shivratri.

Side Trips

There are other places too near this temple to have a visit. These places are: Shore Temple, Pancha Pandava Rathas, Krishna Mandapa, Varaha Cave and Krishna's Butterball. Even these places are very nice to visit.

Travel Tips

Visitors should have their video camera so as to trap each and every moment. They should also have their personal diary by which visitor can express his/her feeling during the journey. They should also bring first aid with them.

Hence, this temple is finest example of ancient beauty and architecture.

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