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Reasonably Priced Shopping Destinations in Delhi

As a matter of fact, Delhi is a shoppers bliss. You can find all products that range from simple (and traditional) Indian handicrafts to transnational designer collections in Delhi. Furthermore, these products are available within the same shopping complex. Delhi has special outlet malls that carries exclusive handicrafts from different states of India. Hence, you can get a wide-ranging collection of merchandise in reasonable costs. If truth to be told, there has been a remarkable revolution in Delhi's shopping destinations in the past few decades. The vivacious and interesting ambiance of Delhi bazaars can change your shopping experience into an unforgettable one. Without a shred of doubt, the famous shopping destinations in Delhi talks about the Indian culture and lifestyle.

Get ready to walk around the best shopping destinations in Delhi

Janpath & Tibetan Market

Janpath & Tibetan is a very famous bazaar in Delhi. The moment you enter into this bazaar, you will feel that this place is “full of life”. In recent times, Janpath & Tibet market has been renovated and looks better than before. For the most part, this bazaar never lets anyone go with empty hands. You can find various kinds of merchandise from different states of India and Tibet in this market. It is an excellent shopping destination for people who visit Delhi for the first time. Nevertheless, you must be equipped to employ all your bargaining skills to get reasonable prices for your shopping items. Janpath and Tibet market is located next to Connaught Place in central New Delhi.

Best items to shop : Shoes, Good handicrafts, Paintings, Hippy outfits, Indian Artifacts, Brass ware, Inexpensive jewelry and Leather goods.

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is considered to be a gargantuan market in Delhi. This place has been intentionally created to offer a traditional feel of a ‘weekly’ township (village)

marketplace, generally called as a ‘Haat’ (in Hindi). Dilli Haat offers the impression of an undersized ‘thatched’ roof huts that makes the visitors feel like they are shopping in a village marketplace. In Dilli Haat, you can find an exhilarating amalgamation of delicious food, Music, cultural performances and handicrafts from various parts of India. The ticket fee is just fifteen rupees (or 35 cents). So, go for it !!

Best items to shop : Traditional Indian relics and handicrafts.


You will come across a number of “good-deal” shopping areas in Delhi in the busy, frenzied central marketplace of the ‘Paharganj’ tourist ghetto. Into the bargain, myriad shops in Paharganj will also sell wholesale goods in order to export to overseas. This makes it an excellent shopping destination for visitors to come and discover exclusive, reasonably priced merchandise to take back home. This grand bazaar is located in front of the New Delhi Railway Station.

Best items to shop : Garments, nice jewelry, Shoes, Music CD’s, Books, Handicrafts, Textiles, and Hookah pipes.

Khan Market

Khan Market is a small, yet, entrenched market. This bazaar is one of the fashionable shopping destinations in Delhi. If you are a bargain-lover, then, you might get disappointed by this bazaar. Khan market is for shoppers who would love to buy branded products. An interesting feature of Khan market is its rare book collections in the stores. This place has also got some brilliant tailors who can stitch your favorite outfits within a week. Visit the shops Khadi & Biotique to buy first-rate Ayurvedic medicines, skin care items and food. You may also come across a few ‘concealed’ lounges to unwind. Many of these lounges are built with nice balconies to loosen up. Khan Market is located in South New Delhi. This place is on the brink of the India Gate.

Best items to shop : Branded & customized outfits, Music, Books, Ayurvedic cosmetics, food & medicines and decorative lamps.

Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar is very famous for its “legitimately” inexpensive designer garments and ‘highly regarded’ branded products that were originally discarded from export. The products that are sold here are rejected at the time of exports owing to their unjustifiable size and quantity or because of some tiny manufacturing imperfections. The Shops in Sarojini Market sell different varieties of fashion accessories and garments. All such merchandise and commodities are simply spread out on the streets. You can also find a good vegetable marketplace (Subzi Mundi) and a sweet stall (Babu Market) in Sarojini Nagar. This famous shopping place is located in the vicinity of Safdarjung Airport in South West Delhi.

Best Items to shop : Indian clothing, designer outfits, heaps of fashion accessories, branded shoes.

Chandni Chowk

The shopping area of Chandni Chowk (located in Old Delhi) is in the same location for hundreds of years. Your journey through the zigzag and tapered pathways of this street is undeniably an escapade. The narrow roads of Chandni Chowk are alienated into bazaars with different merchandise and commodities. If you are looking for textiles and clothing, you must visit the ‘Katra Neel’. If you are looking for a huge range of electronics, then, visit the “Bhagirath Palace”. The ‘Dariba Kalan’ is the antique silver bazaar that is crammed with traditional silver jewelry. This place is located in Old Delhi. You can find a scrumptious hodgepodge of Delhi’s famous street foods in Chandni Chowk.

Best items to shop : Textile, garments, Good electronic products and jewelry.

Sunder Nagar

This old-fashioned marketplace catches the attention of more than a few well-off Indian people owing to its beautiful antique and art shops. This place is an elegant marketplace that is located in an expensive locality. People love the “Chai varieties” sold in the tea shops of Sunder Nagar. Don’t forget to visit the “Mittal Tea House” and “Regalia Tea House”. Sunder Nagar is located in central New Delhi close to Connaught Place.

Best items to shop : Art works, Silver jewelry, Good quality carpets, Antique products and textiles.

Lajpat Nagar in Central Market

The eventful Lajpat Nagar bazaar grants you a fascinating peep into Indian tradition, culture and ethnicity. Lajpat Nagar is one of the ‘long-established’ bazaars in India. This place is always a ‘drone’ among middle-class shoppers. You can always see groups of people around the curb shops and sales areas of Lajpat Nagar. The major fascination of Lajpat Nagar is the “Mehendi Walas”, who will sketch outstanding henna designs to decorate your hands in a jiffy. You can buy cost-effective Indian Salwaar Kameez suits, Kurtis, and tops in Lajpat Nagar. This bazaar is located in South New Delhi.

Best items to shop : Indian traditional clothing, Handbags, Shoes, home furnitures and Indian fashion accessories (colorful Indian bangles).

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