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Mughal Garden Amber Fort

Mughal Garden


Mughal GardenAmer Fort is a majestic architectural piece which was built under the Islamic architectural style, the palace is known for its imperial marble and stone carving and work, its lush green manicured gardens and the luxurious amenities provided in the fort.

As you enter the fort through the Suraj pol, you enter into a Chowk like area named Jaleb Chowk, as you move ahead the fort has a large common gathering area named as Diwaan-e-aam, the path from Diwaan-e-aam leads to Ganesh pol, from where the fort id divided into two major sections. There are two adjacent palaces which were built for the King, Jai Mandir also known as Sheesh Mahal and Sukh Niwas, in between these two palaces lays the lush green Mughal garden, which has been built in Mughal style, and hence names as Mughal garden.


In centre of the garden is a star liked geometrical shaped tank, with a fountain in its centre, the water in the fountain is channeled from the tank built above Sukh Mandir. The Mughal Garden is a hexagonal grade which has four paths connecting it to with the fort; hence it is also named as “Charbagh”. It is named as Mughal Garden because of the Islamic architecture used in designing and building the garden.

The aim of making this garden was to give the fort a luxurious and imperial look which has all the comfortable and luxurious amenities for the king.
The King used to change his living area according to the season, in winters he use to live in Diwaan-e-khaas, and in summers the kings shifts to the Sukh Mandir, hence the King use to stay in Diwaan-khaas in chilly winters the Sheesh Mahal use to keep the living area hot in winter, and in the sunny days the king used to sit and relax in the garden. The Jaipur authority is responsible for maintaining the beauty of the fort and its neighbouring areas.

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