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Moti Dungri Ganesha Temple

The second name for Jaipur is Choti Kashi, as there are many temples and pilgrimage sites located in this holy pink city. In the hearts of the Rajasthani people one can feel the essence of the rich and diverse culture of Rajasthan. With the increasing globalization, the people of Jaipur are still attached with their values and rituals that allow them to signify and share the unique fusion which melts with the people in the front. The temples in the region of Jaipur are famous for its faith and reliability of people towards their god. Jaipur is one of the most important destinations on world-renowned golden triangle tour of India; Jaipur appears as any North Indian city unless you know its specialties. It is known as the pink city of India, this capital of Rajasthan state which attracts all and sundry. There are several factors that attracts tourist to its land. One should be aware of the fact that the Rajasthan state is the region which shares the moment of pride and honor because of its enriched heritage and culture all over the world. Jaipur, which has the title of the capital of Rajasthan, is one place where the fusions of traditions along with modernization are seen.

Moti Dungri is also one of the famous temples among the others in Jaipur. It was constructed by Seth Jai Ram Paliwal in the early eighteenth century. The temple has been a great spot of attraction for tourist from all over the world. Situated in the heart of Jaipur, the Moti Dungri temple is perched on a small hill, and is surrounded by an exotic palace. The temple was constructed by lime stone and marble. The temple shrine is of Lord Ganesha, who is the remover of all impediments and difficulties. The structure also consists of Moti Dungri Palace, which is the resident of Rajmata Gayatri Devi, however recently the palace has been locked to public. Hence the temple is the only scope of visit for tourists now. The Moti Dungri Palace is assumed to be an imitation of a Scottish castle.

Once, the king of “Mewar, was returning from a long journey. He had a Ganesha idol in his cart. He wished to built a beautiful Ganesha temple. However, was not able to decide the place for the temple. Hence, he decided that he will build the temple, wherever the cart will stop first. The cart stopped at the foot of Moti Dungri Hill, where the temple was built. The consignment for the temple was assigned to Seth Jai Ram Paliwal under the supervision of Mahant (Chief Preist) Shiv Narain Ji. The magnificent temple was only open for Shiv followers in the initial days. Thereafter, the palace complex was built, encompassing the temple within it, making it a popular and religious centre in Jaipur.

Moti Dungri is a small hill, situated in the centre of Jaipur city. The term Moti Dungri means Hill of Pearl. The hill is observed by a temple and a palace which is spread across 2 Kms. The palace is beautiful and is a simulation of a Scottish Castle. The temple is consecrated of Lord Ganesha.

This temple is visited by the devotees whenever they start a new business or buy any new big thing, like a house or a vehicle. Devotees come from far and near to pay their worship to lord Ganesha. The temple is also a famous hang out spot because of its extended beautiful hill view. The Palace is visible from the temple, where Rajmata Gayatri resides with her son Prince Jagat Singh. The palace is owned by the royal family. It is closed for tourists visit. At the foot of Moti Dungri Hill is the Birla Lakshmi Narayan temple, which is constructed of marble and glass windows.

There are lot of celebrations and prayers conducted in the temple before intiatlizing any new venture or purchase. It is believed that lord Ganesha will bestow luck and happiness on the new ventures and long life to the new purchase. It is recommended as a must-see place for any tourists to experience the religious culture and architecture of incredible India.

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