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Kalaneri Art Gallery

Jaipur is a city of arts. The lanes, houses, markets, palaces, tradition and food all seem to be immersed in art. In a city like this to gauge art and to give it its due there are plenty of platforms. One of the platforms is Kalaneri Art Gallery. This unique art gallery gives a lot of boost to young artists. Along with this collecting well known artists” paintings, displaying new works by new artists and getting them a good price for their art are also some of the things this art gallery does.

Address: Near Jaldhara, JLN Marg, Jaipur.

Foundation and Aim
Kalaneri Art Gallery was founded in 2009. Dedicated to art the gallery welcomed modern and contemporary artists with open arms. In very little time after being founded the gallery successfully took this art to the people. Today the gallery is the bedrock of traditional and modern art.

The Gallery
Kalaneri Art Gallery is located near Jaldhara built on a large canvass. This is Jaipur's poshest location. Apart from Jaldhara this area has the Education Foundation, Vidyashram School, OTS, Dainik Bhaskar office, Cancer Hospital and a Saras Dairy outlet. The Kalaneri Gallery is built within 4000 sq feet, it is fully airconditioned whereas the open space is about 6000 sq feet.

Works and Programmes
The Kalaneri Art Gallery has canvasses, various colours for artists. There is a wide range of graphics available at the gallery made by local and outstation artists. Various individuals and groups have successfully conducted programmes at the gallery. To promote Indian art the paintings are sold at the gallery. And there are also various painting collections here on display. You will get to see many paintings by well known artists from Jaipur, Rajasthan and India here at the gallery.

A Platform for Young Artists
KAlaneri Art Gallery has also emerged as a platform for young and enthusiastic artists. MAny young artists have gained national and international fame through the gallery. The gallery not only honours these young artists but also gives them the opportunity to get the correct price for their paintings and exhibits their paintings in order to promote them. Known for its artistic discoveries the gallery has collected several masterpieces in very little time and found talented young artists for the world to see them.

Kalaneri Art Gallery collects many paintings due to several reasons and necessities. The field of art is quite wide and dispersed and the correct value of art cannot be gauged by laymen. For some, art is just a medium of pleasure, for others, it is a world ready to be explored and yet others feel that it is a part of their lives. Every painting is read differently by different eyes. Despite all these hurdles Kalaneri Art Gallery makes an effort to give the best price for a painting. Here the market is well researched and a good painting is given its due by the gallery. On the other hand art buyers are also taught the value of a good painting and are told a price in keeping with the value of the painting, keeping the art buyers abreast of the market of art. Not only that, all queries by the art buyers related to art are handled by the gallery.

Kalaneri Art Gallery conducts workshops for the youth from time to time and to keep people informed of what is happening anew in the art world various personalities are invited to talk about art. The gallery hosts many programmes related to art. There is a good environment that is built around displaying good art and the buying of works and everything is based on the art of looking. This is the reason why even the most complex art works have been successfully given their due at the gallery. From time to time the gallery conducts art fairs and also participates in the art fairs of India.

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