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Jaleb Chowk, Jaipur

Amer Fort, also known as Amber Fort, is situated in a small township called Amer in Jaipur. It is one of the primary tourist attractions in Jaipur. This fort is placed on the top of a hill. Raja Man Singh I was the proud king who established Amer Fort. Amer Fort is famous for its imaginative design that unites both Hindu & Rajput styles of architecture. In conjunction with its huge fortifications, series of gateways and paved trails, Amer fort overlooks the famous Maota Lake at its vanguard.


Amer Fort is placed on a wooded hill on top of the Maota Lake in the vicinity of Amer village. This place is at a distance of about 11 Km from Jaipur city.

Jaleb Chowk, the main courtyard of Amer fort:

Amer or Amber fort is basically split into 4 major divisions. Each of them has its own courtyard and entry gateway. The primary entryway is through the Suraj Pol or Sun Gate. This entryway takes you to the “Jaleb Chowk”, the primary main quad. Jaleb Chowk or “the quadrangle where horses and elephants are tethered” is the place where defence forces once held conquest processions with their combat reward on their homecoming from scuffle. The parade was also witnessed by the imperial family ladies through the web patterned casements. This Sun gate was constructed solely and endowed with sentinels as it was the primary entryway into the fortress. Since the Pol faces the eastern side towards the rising sun, the name Suraj Pol was offered. Stately processions and VIPs came into the fort only through this the Suraj Pol or Sun gate. Jaleb Chowk is essentially an Arabic tradition that denotes “a destination for warriors to gather”. Jaleb Chowk is one of the 4 courtyards of Amber Palace which was established during the supremacy of Sawai Jai Singh’s (1693–1743 AD). The King’s private defenders used to conduct parades at this place under the instructions of the chief army leader or “Fauj Bakshi”. However, Maharaja used to check the sentinels deputation. At Jaleb Chowk, the horse stables were also situated. The rooms in the top floor were engaged by the sentinels.

An impressive stairway from the Jaleb Chowk leads into the main palace grounds. Here, at the entrance itself to the right of the stairway steps is the Sila Devi temple where the Rajput Maharajas offered worship, starting with Maharaja Mansingh in the 16th century till the 1980s, when the animal sacrifice ritual (sacrifice of a buffalo) practices by the royalty was stopped . In addition, one can find a tiny but a well-designed Sila Devi (an embodiment of Durga or Kali) shrine on the right side of Jaleb Chowk.

Nishan Parade:

Also, the fantastic ‘Nishan Parade' that was held in Jaipur before a year at Jaleb Chowk (after about 78 years) will get into the records of narration as the 2nd grand event for the 17th brigade of Rajputana ransacks and Amber Fort.

Jaleb Chowk, the Global Art Square of Jaipur:

Shortly, the momentous Jaleb Chowk in the City of Jaipur will be developed as a “Global art square” soon to mirror the prosperous cultural inheritance of the pink city. An innovative handicraft market has been planned to arise at the square, while a museum is also planned to be instigated in the nearby old assembly edifice. Mr. Shanti Dhariwal, Minister of Rajasthan Urban Development declared that all administration offices had been moved from Jaleb Chowk to set up the market. He also declared that advertising items like exquisite Jaipur jewelry & gems, quilts, ornaments, craft materials and paintings will assist in endorsing the handicraft zone of Jaipur. In addition, the Jaipur Development Authority & Jaipur Municipal Corporation have also approved Rs.1 crore & Rs.3 crore for building and adornment works in Jaleb Chowk quad.

Undoubtedly, Jaleb Chowk will offer a portrayal of the unique art & culture of the state as soon the tourists step into its wonderful entryway.

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