Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal History

In 1596 A.D., there was an acute shortage of water because of severe famine in the region. Then, the ruler of Ajmer, was motivated to build a dam to overcome the problems of shortage of water caused by severe famine and to provide relief to people from severe hardships. Initially the dam was built with earth and quartzite in the eastern side of Amer hills. Then, later in the 17th century, the dam was renovated in a masonry structure. The dam which is standing today is 300 meters long and 28.5- 34.5 meters wide. There are three gates in the dam to release water for irrigation in the nearby agricultural fields. The dam has undergone several modes of restoration and renovation by various rulers, but the final renovation is credited to Maharaja Jai Singh II of Amer. In the 18th century, other religious and historical places like Amer fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh fort, Kanak Vrindawan Valley were built in the nearby areas of this lake and now these all are linked through a tourist corridor of road network. Jal Mahal is also known as Water palace, which is situated in the Middle of Man Sagar Lake in Pink City.

Earlier in place of lake there was a natural depression where water used to accumulate. Jal Mahal was built in the year 1799. This historical palace was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. The Man Sagar Lake was formed by constructing a dam between the two hills by Sawai Man Singh. This is the best example of Rajput architecture. This Mahal attracts lots of tourist because of its beauty and architecture. Jal Mahal is a romantic place as it is built in red sandstone. This Mahal is located 6 kms before Amber fort on Amber fort Road outside Jaipur. This is a 5 storey palace, out of which the first four floors are located under water, only the top floor of this palace enjoys the sunshine and rain. Even after the 200 years of construction, still its architectural beauty is the same as it was before. This palace looks fabulous from the Nahargarh fort.

The shrines of the Royal family are opposite to this palace. Jai Singh II in landscaped garden built these shrines. The shrine monuments were built to honor Pratap Singh, Madho Singh II and Jai Singh I. The shrines are made of marble and carvings are done on them. It consists of a dome which has 20 carved pillars. The shadow of Jal Mahal in the water of Man Sagar Lake looks amazing. The destiny doesn’t give every person a chance to explore out of the world creations. Jal Mahal is surrounded by Nahargarh hills and is known for its sophisticated architecture as well as design. This palace was also used for Royal duck shooting parties. It is well maintained and provides a scenic view of Nahargarh fort. Eco system of Man Sagar Lake is a favorite home for many resident and migratory birds. The Man Sagar dam is located on the eastern side of lake and it also provides a good scenic beauty to the lake and the valley. Other royal dignitaries were invited by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh to this palace at leisure time. There are some beautiful gardens and Rajput architectural style walls situated to the south of the Man Sagar Lake, which are waiting for enthusiastic travelers.

It is one of the best examples of Rajput architectural beauty and technical excellence. The palace seems very beautiful in the evening as the entire complex looks like bathed in flood lights. Hundreds of migratory birds can be seen swimming in winters in the Man Sagar Lake. The view of the Jal Mahal is eye catching. Rajput styled wooden boats have been created by the traditional boat makers of Vrindavan. The view of the Aravalli hills which has many temples and forts on it, can be seen the across the lake.

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