Jal Mahal

Chopati And Park Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal is a five storey palace, out of which the first four floors are located under water, only the top floor of this palace enjoys the sunshine and rain. Even after the 200 years of construction, still its architectural beauty is the same as it was before. This palace looks fabulous from the Nahargarh fort. The red stones of the palace look very beautiful during the monsoon season. The palace looks very beautiful from the Man Sagar Lake from where the flock of birds can be seen. Eco system of Man Sagar Lake is a favorite home for many resident and migratory birds.

Visitors are only allowed to see the Palace from a distance. Entry is not allowed in the palace. It is among one of best attractions of Jaipur which is known for its architectural beauty and the settings in the surroundings. This Mahal was built for the royal duck shooting parties. It is one of the best examples of Rajput architectural beauty and technical excellence. The palace seems very beautiful in the evening as the entire complex looks like bathed in flood lights. The view of the Jal Mahal is eye catching. Rajput styled wooden boats have been created by the traditional boat makers of Vrindavan. The view of the Aravalli hills which has many temples and forts on it, can be seen across the lake. The shadow of Jal Mahal in the water of Man Sagar Lake looks amazing. The destiny doesn’t give every person a chance to explore the out of the world creations. So, to go crazy plan a trip to Jaipur where the single glimpse of the palace soothes the eyes.

The pink city has many lush green gardens. When Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II ruled, he planned the city and maintained many gardens in the city. The Chameli Garden is the most attractive place in the Jal Mahal. This whole garden is having white color flowers in it in the white marble beds. This garden has been designed by a garden expert, Mitchell Crites who internationally renowned the heritage in this garden. This bagh has raised an octagonal platform in it which is the central feature of this garden with an elaborate marble work that light up to create a very beautiful stage for music and dance performances.

Chameli Bagh is on the terrace of Jal Mahal which acts as the crowning beauty of the Palace. Views of the entire valley can be seen from here. The beauty of the white marbles and the walkways invites the tourists to sit in the garden among the fragrance of flowers. Chameli Bagh shows the remains of the Mughal and the Rajput gardens. It is built in traditional Char Bagh style and each of its side has a beautifully raised flower bed made of marble. These beds are planted with fragrant flowering plant. Water flows down slowly on the traditional chinikahana walls of the floor and flows through the fountain heads which shows continuous change in light. The chhattris and tibaris under open sky acts as sitting place for tourists. At a time they can accommodate around 225 people. Chameli Bagh was on the terrace of Jal Mahal is now traced retaining the elements of original pattern and recreated it using the best Mughal and Rajput style

Chowpatty is place from where the tourist can stand and look at the Jal Mahal Palace as going inside the Palace is banned. During the day time, it is the best place to hang out with friends and families. The unemployed people are snoozing here under the shade of trees. In evening time we can see the lightening of Jal Mahal which looks fabulous.

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