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Jaivana Cannon

Situated on Golden Triangle within 250 km area, three cities New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra are famous for its grandeur, glory and history. The three cities are perfect destinations to understand taste of Maharajas, Mughals and British raj.

Visit Jaipur and get the feel of numerous historical itineraries which may leave you amazed with eyebrows raised. Here are some of the itineraries of Jaipur and their historical significance that will leave you spellbound.

Jaivana CannonWorld's largest canon and armoury museum :

The canon named Jaivana was built in precincts of Jaigarh fort, which was built in 16th century at Eagle Hills to protect Amber fort from the enemies. The canon was largest canon on wheels modestly modern era. The fort was artillery and armoury manufacturing place of Rajputs. This canon was never used in battles as Rajputs had friendly relations with Mughals. It was once test fired with 100 kg gun powder, which covered a distance of about 35 kilometres.

Sheesh MahalSheesh Mahal et al at Amber fort :

The aesthetic beauty of this formidable fort is seen within the four walls. Diwan-e-aam, Diwan-e-khas, sheesh mahal and Sukh Niwas are historical itinerary to visit. Jai Mandir or Sheesh Mahal is exquisitely beautified with glass panel and multiple-coloured ceilings. The convex shaped pieces of mirror are arranged in a manner which would flicker candle light and make it look brighter. The erstwhile maharaja and maharani used to spend leisure time in the mahal.  Sukh Niwas is made of Italian marble. A piped water supply flows through an open channel that runs through this edifice keeping the environs cool, as in an air conditioned environment. The water from this channel was led into the garden.

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal or Water Palace :

It was a pleasure palace for the royal families. It was built in 1799 with red sandstone casting its beautiful architecture on calm waters of Man Singh Lake. The palace is a romantic palace, which was once also used for the royal duck shooting parties. The lake is also a favourite home of migratory birds.

Hawa Mahal :

One of the famous historical itineraries of Jaipur is Hawa Mahal. Built in 1799, the palace was for royal ladies who were restricted for public appearance. The mahal is built for royal family to witness markets and royal proceedings in such a way that inside activities were unseen by outsiders. It was retreat in hot summers.

City Palace and Jantar Mantar :

Maharajas were keen architecture enthusiasts and its true example is City Palace. It is still a home of royal family. It was built by ruler Jai Singh to rule his capital, which was nearly 20 km from Amber Fort. Jantar Mantar is another itinerary to witness astronomical significance. Jantar Mantar in English means calculative instruments. It is a religious place from where astronomical experts used to give predictions.

City Palace Jantar Mantar

Albert Hall :

It is one of the oldest museums of Rajasthan. The museum has rich collection of artefacts including paintings, ivory work, armoury etc. It was named after King Adward VII and foundation was laid by Prince of Wales.

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