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Elephant Riding Amber

Elephant ride

Elephant Riding Amber

Walking has its benefits but it is better you leave the idea behind when going up to the Amber Fort. Experience the royal ride on elephant that once the kings did! Today, Elephant rides is one of popular activities among the tourists who love to sit comfortably on the back of majestic animal and catch the beauty of the fort from third eye and see the architecture and contours of the magnificent classic fort constructed by King Man Singh 1 and completed by Jay Singh 1.

Built on top of the Aravali range and a lake at its feet, Amber fort looks beautiful from the top of animal decorated with floral and geometric patterns by colours and chalk powder. Ride on elephants is safe due gentle nature of elephant, specially designed, cushioned and secure seat and due to Mahout who rides the animal with the help of Ankush to tame it by prodding it on the head. Moreover, Indian Elephants are loyal companion to the humans and are social creatures.

Elephant rides can be taken after reaching to the fort situated nearly 12 km from the Pink City. One can book the ride through a travel agent or by contacting the tourism office on spot. The rides start early in the morning and finishes up before the sun gets hot. Only 3 three rides are allowed to each Elephant with a rest period. So, it better to plan early in the morning to enjoy the trip like the Indians do.

The ride starts from the main road connecting to the fort and last for 15-20 minutes. The approximate charges for the international tourists are around 20 US dollars. The Mahout helps you secure seat from a platform and takes you up to the fort, which was once a citadel of Mughals and Rajputs. The slow moving pachyderm takes you up through the path built of rocks and giving you a splendid outlook of the huge and vivacious fort, once used as living area by the kings.

In India, elephant is worshipped due to its significance in the Hindu mythology. The majestic animal is worshipped as lord Ganesha. One can also feel the warmth as they shower blessings. A number of tourists who offer prayers and support the Mahout in their upbringing get blessings. The animals bless people through his trunk. One can also find elephants on trailing on roads of the city. Though the government has banned taming Elephants on roads as they hard surface are harmful to its feet, rides are allowed for the livelihood of Mahout and leave the tourist with an ultimate life time experience.

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