Top 10 Hongkong Dishes

People of Hong Kong boast a zeal held in reserve merely for their traditional culinary that cast a shadow on their fervor for shopping, gambling, politics and even obsession for stock markets. Hong Kong is residence to several foodies in the globe and creates a shocking collection of food items that ranges from inflexibly conventional to random blend of foods, one dish more mouth-watering than the other. Hong Kong is excusably celebrated for its cuisine and its restaurants and the assortment of food is far-fetched. Food made out of Reptiles, numerous pork and Street-foods are very popular here.

Here are the list of10 most appetizing and scrumptious food items of this Hong Kong:

1.    Hong Kong French toast: At heart, Hong Kong-style French toast is a best stress-busting food that feels like a tepid, deep-fried cuddle. The two flavorful toast pieces that are smeared with ‘Kaya’ jam, peanut butter is a real divine food. The toasts are initially soaked in the batter of egg, and then fried in butter. Hong Kong-style French toast is served with even more butter and heaps of syrup. It is the ideal comfort-food combo of undemanding savor and consistency – the sweet & flavorful, soft and crusty.

2.    Scrambled Egg sandwich: For some people, egg sandwich may seem like a customary food. They might think that egg sandwich is merely a fried egg that’s sandwiched between 2 pieces of soft-white bread. However, this perception would ignore the brilliance of an experienced Hong Kong cook, who can by some means turn an egg into a feathery, finely-encrusted cut stone of stomach-tickling yumminess. A typical egg-sandwich ought to be flabby, light but not greasy and bursting with flavor.

3.    Stinky tofu: No wonder that you already have heard about unpleasant smell originating from one of the weirdest foods to emerge from Hong Kong. Nevertheless, you can’t stand the smell of this stinky tofu. Stinky tofu, similar to “Durian”, is one of most popular “bizarre foods” of Asia. The disgusting odor is due to the fermentation of tofu. The smell too intense that you'll can’t withstand and forget for months. On the other hand, stinky tofu Hong Kongers most loved food.

4.    Hot pot: Hot pot is a much-loved Hong Kong custom. Throughout the chilly winter months, the hot fondue is best to dunk fish balls and raw meats into scorching vats of soup. Hot pot is available at many places of the city. However, the authentic taste of hot pot can be enjoyed at Megan's Kitchen. Exceptional ingredients that are used in the soups consist of rainbow cuttlefish balls, beef balls packed with cheese, Japanese beef plus black truffle dumplings, and much, much more.

5.    Beef brisket: All over Hong Kong, Massive hunks of beef will be being stewed at a snail’s pace in mammoth pots of pulp in noodle-shop windows until they get soft and flooded with succulent goodness. The place called Kau Kee sells beef brisket that has been cooked in either a curry soup or clear soup and served in the midst of warm noodles.

6.    ‘Pineapple' bun: The original name of the pineapple bun is “Boh loh baau”. The firm outside of this dish and soft inside are crowned by crispy, syrupy pie. Well-liked to have been exported all over the globe, you can step into a Chinese bakery in Taipei, Tianjin and Toronto to spot one. However, this dish omnipresent in Hong Kong. Pineapple bun harmonizes ideally with milk tea!

7.    Meat Mountain: Meat Mountain is basically a steamed meat cake. This dish is a hodgepodge of mushrooms, ground pork, potted vegetables and water chestnuts that are flavored with plain soy sauce & sesame oil. Meat Mountain is a staple dish of Cantonese food preparation. At Man Seng, meat cakes are converted into an authentic meat mountain. In conjunction with feats of gastronomic enchantment that’s inherent only to the cooks, the half-foot soaring meat pile is somehow made into a tender, succulent and evenly cooked goodness.

8.    Miniature-wife cakes: To the extent that many people adore authentic Chinese pastries, the profound amalgamation of fat and sugary pastes (created from a mixture of roots and beans) is not really suitable for easy snacking. Fortunately, Hang Heung, the talented chef invented the tasty miniature wife cakes. Miniature Wife cakes boast a crumbly covering that’s made from the fat of the pork and a solid, rubbery filling made out of winter melon and almond paste. The amalgamation of the pie and sugariness of mellow winter melon makes this dish very delicious, whilst the bite size pieces of this pastry make them edible.

9.    Ginger milk curd: Ginger milk curd is creamy, Spicy and soupy. This dessert is at its best when consumed during the cold winter months of the year. Ginger milk curd is prepared by simmering the sweetened milk gently and then combining it with freshly squeezed juice of ginger. The ginger juice makes the milk to go sour. Basically, Ginger milk curd is soft and possesses a pudding-like consistency.

10.     Milk Tea: During the early 1950’s, Lum Muk Ho, the creator of milk tea made this by acclimatizing the methods that are used to prepare “Hainanese coffee”. Milk tea passes through a plain sackcloth sieve and gets collected in a copper teapot prior to being served in whichever way you like (hot or cold). The natural fragrance of the milk tea is very intense. You can have this milk tea with sugar or plain.

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