Ten Exotic Indian dishes

The moment you think about Indian culinary, your brain and tongue will feel the irresistible aroma and flavor of Indian food. Indian cuisine is a grand treat to all taste buds. One can get spicy, rich and creamy food all in one serving dish.  Although Indian food items are extremely well-liked, the culinary is highly misinterpreted. If truth be told, Indian food incorporates an assortment of heart-healthy spices. Indian food is a perfect combo of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and all the other essential nutrients this making every dish into a balanced diet. The variety of spices helps the dishes to be prepared in a whole host of recipes that help them to hold on to their nutrients.

Get ready to know about the top 10 Indian dishes that are mouth-watering!

1.    “All-inclusive” Biryani: Needless to say, Biryani is a favorite dish for many people in the World. In essence, Biryani is a dish that was invented by Mughal people. Biryani is essentially a rice based dish that’s cooked with numerous aromatic spices. The rice variety used for making Biryani is generally the Basmati rice. Biryani can be prepared with vegetables, any kind of meat, egg or even with fish & Shrimp. Being cooked with meat or vegetables or meat that is marinated in yogurt, saffron milk and fried onions, Biryani is a glee to your taste buds!!

2.    Butter chicken: Any authentic Indian restaurant will serve Butter chicken. Being one of the most well-liked dishes among chicken-lovers in the globe, Butter chicken originally belongs to Punjabi gastronomy. This lip-smacking dish is prepared by marinating Chicken in spices & yoghurt mixture for the whole night. Then, the next day, the marinated chicken is cooked with a unique “Makhani” sauce that is prepared with Butter, tomato pulp and an assortment of aromatic spices. All these ingredients offer Butter chicken a unique taste.

3.    Kashmiri Rogan josh: The conventional Kashmir ‘wazwan’ is not at all complete without Rogan Josh. The name Rogan Josh specifies “Red lamb”. The shaft or shoulder of Lamb or Goat is cooked by adding flavorful “kashmiri chili” and other aromatic spices to make it into a rich gravy. Rogan Josh is finished with a hint of cream at the end that enhances the richness of the dish. Rogan Josh is generally eaten with “Saffron flavored rice” or “Naan”, a soft kind of Indian flat bread.

4.    Tandoori chicken: Tandoori chicken is the second favorite Indian dish of several people in the world. This dish is conventionally prepared in Clay oven, known as Tandoor .This dish is prepared by marinating Chicken in yogurt and unique Tandoori masala. If the fundamental recipe for “Tandoori Masala” can be made and stored, you can make Tandoori Chicken whenever you crave for one.

5.    Dosa/Idli with Vada & Sambhar: No wonder this popular South Indian breakfast rocks the world. Idli or Dosa can be prepared from the mixture of fermented rice and black lentils (Urad dhal). As the dosas are crispy and thin (similar to the crepes), you’ll gulp down more than a few. Vada is prepared from the batter of ground black lentils. Sambar is basically a vegetable simmer or potage that is made with a lentil variety called “Toor dal” and some tamarind sauce.

6.    Paratha/Naan: Naan and Paratha are the most well-liked bread varieties in all Indian flatbreads. Naan is a soft Indian Flat bread that is baked in traditional clay oven. Paratha is prepared with all purpose flour or whole wheat flour in a skillet on the stove top. Different kinds of Parathas can be made and are generally overfed with several kinds of nutritious vegetables.

7.    Palak Paneer: Palak Paneer, very special Indian vegetarian gravy is an authentic North Indian gastronomy and a vital part of Punjabi cuisine. This is a curry sauce that is made with Paneer (cottage cheese) & Palak (spinach). This gently flavored dish is mega healthy as well. You can pair Palak Paneer with Roti, Naan, Poori or Jeera rice.

8.    Chole-Bhatura: Chole-Bhatura is an amalgamation of soft, fried Indian bread known as Bhatoora (prepared with all-purpose flour) and Chole (zesty chick peas cooked with spices). This is also a famous street food that’s generally consumed for breakfast. Chole-Bhatura is very popular in North India and believed to have had its origin in Punjab.

9.    Daal Makhani: Dal Makhani is a dish that was originated in Punjab. This is a wonderful dish that is chock-full of healthy fiber and protein. Dal Makhani is prepared traditionally with Beans and Lentil varieties with tasty Masalas. Big Spoonful of fresh cream is added at the end to give this dish a rich finishing touch. Dal Makhani is the chief dish in Punjabi cooking.

10.     Malai Kofta:The word “Malai” means ‘cream’. “Kofta” are nothing but the deep-fried vegetable balls that are mixed together in a rich, creamy Indian curry sauce. Basically, Malai Kofta, a North Indian dish is an excellent vegetarian option to the original meatball recipe. This dish is also an authentic dish of Mughal cooking. Malai Kofta taste at its best with plain Jeera Rice or Naans.

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