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Thailand is the place of Smiles; the name of the place is so because of the smiling and kind people in the country, who with a warm heart welcome their visitors. The same is well reflected in the Thai cuisine, the blend of flavors and taste is offered with such tempting aroma which no one can resist. Thai food focuses on the well balanced blend of all the five flavors i.e. sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter.

The country is divided into four main regions and hence the cuisine gets different according to the place, i.e. North, North eastern, Central, South eastern. The staple food of the country is Jasmine variety Rice (Hom Mali rice). Thai cooking is a blended mixture of traditional and modernized cooking; the food is cooked lightly with strong aroma. Below listed are some restaurants in these regions-


A beautiful resort built amidst a lush green landscape, the place is ethnic and apt for a late morning breakfast in the balcony of your rooms, or can enjoy the evening snacks in by the lavish poolside. The place has a hype bar facility which offer a range of exotic cocktails and mock tails which fulfils the desire of different alcohol beverages asked by the visitors.


An Italian cuisine based restaurant which serves all kinds of fresh and handmade dishes of Italian cuisine like pizzas, pastas, rice dishes, desserts and wines. The place is open for all seven days.


The place has a huge collection of varied alcohol bereave, especially beer. Hoe garde, Sapporo and some international beer are to name some from the stock of alcohol beverages. The place has got the perfect ambiance and landscape for a glass of drink and snacks. The place also serves a classic food menu and top up to all the expectations of the visitors


The Blue Elephant is the place to experience the flavors and the Thai cuisine at Blue Elephant. The mouth watering menu of the restaurant just tantalizes your taste buds, that the wait for your dish becomes irresistible. The restaurant is famous and most visited lot of all, the restaurant offers quality food enriched with flavors served with warm smiles and quality hospitality services.


Offer varied range of traditional dishes; the restaurant is a perfect place for a warm family gathering. Best of service with tempting mouth watering food, which will leave you content and your taste buds savored from the meal.


It is an Chinese oriented dish which includes stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice, red chili pepper, which can be added with any of the Thai condiments. The restaurant focuses in presenting the best of Chinese dishes to the visitors and offers all kinds of basic flavor for the dish.

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