Shopping at Garosugil Street

Garosugil Street is a trendy shopping hub in Seoul that attracts not only the localities but also foreign tourists. It embarks upon its unique style brought by the new designers rather than only cashing the Western brands. Having a chance to shop at Garosugil Street is a boon to all the lovers of fashion world while checking the latest fashion trends and style statements. Not only boutiques, the shops selling fashion accessories at the sidewalks enrich the shopping experience. Walking down the street checking the cool and upcoming trendy stuff gives you a sense of lost geographies with experience similar to walking down a Paris or Rome fashion street.

It is not long ago that it was a regular street with few art galleries that got converted to some shops and a few restaurants. But now, it is not only the trendy fancy boutiques but also the open air cafés, book stores, stylish bars with live music of your choice is what adds charm to this less than a kilometre stretch.  .For shopping geeks, here comes the good news.

This street offering the new range of trendy wears and fashion accessories is relatively pocket friendly when compared to the adjoining street of Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong. However, if you are a brand seeker looking for luxurious stores, it will not disappoint you but definitely cost much higher bucks. KM Play , the K-Design Market Play, the multi-shop has collections over 20 different fashion brands.  Thus, it has an unbeatable experience to offer to its young shoppers. The well known luxurious brands consider Garosugil Street as a place with very high potential as s store here has high corporate value in revenue terms. While several global brands like Massimo Dutti and Forever 21 boast of their stores at Garosugil Street, others like Zara and Lacoste are heading towards improving their top lines by opening stores here and cashing on the popularity of Garosugil Street.

The moment you enter the street on a fine day, you come across swarms of people dressed so elegantly moving in and out of fancy boutique stores that you get the feeling of standing on European Street or Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. It gives you a varied shopping experience from mom and pop stores to sidewalk stalls to fancy boutiques and luxury shops. It has certain western brands and the luxury stores but they have not yet been able to completely replace the rich cultural heritage that it adorns, yet the pace of commercialism seems high. It may eventually evolve into modern branded shopping with nearby streets opening such outlets at a rapid pace as the taste of its local residents is changing from conventional cultural to new Western designers. However, currently its artistic elegance and coziness unmatched by the adjoining areas drives its shoppers crazy !

The shopping experience is simply awesome as you can easily relate its merchandize to the ones worn by K-Pop stars or professional stylists and it is no wonder if you come across them looking for the happening rock star caps or other accessories at the street. Clothes, bags, shoes, vintage clothes, handmade accessories and one-of-a-kind dresses are the people’s choice here.

The wide diversity of its shoppers can be judged by shoppers coming by trains to the luxurious cars swarming the street, from local Koreans to multi cultural foreign tourists. It has things to offer for all along with its local as well as other cuisines. Its unique cafes serving fusion desserts in Korean and Italian delicacies are a delight after shopping where people sit outside cafes in open air even in chilly winters to enjoy the charm of the place. Delicious food and fashion is what you see all around!!

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