Places of Attraction at Garosugil Street

Located to south of River Han, Garosugil Street is majorly marked as a perfect destination for shopping lovers who eye on designer wears. One can easily justify the “Come – Eat – Shop – Walk -Enjoy” feeling within a single visit to this place. This less than a kilometre stretch in middle of the city of Seoul gives you the feeling of charms of European Street with its beautifully designed cafes, bars, open studios, pop shops, designer boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, book stores and art shops. And to add to the charm of the shopping and eating experience are the dazzling leaves of Gingko trees offering you a complete surreal experience!

From art galleries in 80s to cultural shops in 90s, Garosugil Street still offers a unique blend of its quaint cultural shops and the modern designer shops run majorly by new designers and artists. Gallery Yeh explicating an architectural splendor is one of the minimal galleries that still remain while others are converted to fashion shops by new designers and artists. Many visitors come here to grab a coffee from beautifully decorated cozy cafes that open into the street in their unique antique ethnic styles.

The Chinese restaurant Navi 74 known for its stylish Chinese presentations serves wine and coffee too. However, wine and coffee are a cakewalk in this array of restaurants as these are widely served by most of them. If you have your taste buds luring for typical Korean food like kimbap and tteokboki, School food is the best option for you. Illuminated with flashy lights and leg shaking numbers, it is majorly visited by youngsters that like to just chill and enjoy. However, to taste the multi-cuisine delicacies at one stop, be sure to visit Oriental Spoon that is fondly known for its varied Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. If this is not all, the list goes on with King Kong Steaks serving jumbo sized steaks, Sognare for Italian delicacies and Deli Heinzberg for German food. Dulce Y Suave has a fine range of international wines and finally the delicious baked cookies at GoodOvening Cupcake complete the wish list of foodies.

Some of the cafes are renowned for serving sparkling Korean style fusion desserts like the sweet red-bean porridge fondue, and ice flakes with syrup to satisfy the Korean as well as eastern taste buds in one go. The brunch restaurants that serve special Italian delicacies and the bars playing live music of your choice ensure repeat visits by their lovers. The pop up stores held by certain companies for conducting their events and Latin Dance Club also caters to the exotic taste of its visitors. You can easily see several celebrities or fashion models shooting at the serene spectacular locations providing golden backgrounds all along the road. And it is no wonder if you find them shopping at its boutiques for their next stage performance.

People love to sit outside on the small tables in the open air while watching others coming out of one shop and going inside other. Next comes the shopping list which is no less. Trendy bags, latest apparel designs, elegant shoes, fancy caps and not forgetting the vintage clothes, you find all here. And still if you are looking for luxurious brands, visit KM Play – the K design Market play offering more than 20 brands or the recently opened Massimo Dutti and Forever 21 among others. Looking for Lacoste or Zara, wait for a while and you will find them here soon. Thus, Garosugil Street known for its complete shopping and eating experience attracts not only the localities but tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for modernity in contemporary styles, Garosugil Street is the place for you.

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