The Accomplishment of Jaipur Rugs in connecting Jaipur to international Markets

Colourful Carpets or beautifully made rugs are an imperative aspect of your home furnishings. At present, fashions have affirmed the steady raise in responsiveness about carpet types, style, designs, care and preservation. On account of the competition and availability of skilled labor, this business is revered in decorating your home and hiding the flaws in the flooring. In essence, the carpet and rug making industry highlights on 2 kinds of manufacturing: machine-made and hand-made carpets or rugs. While machine-made carpets are obtainable in select designs and varieties, it is very difficult to substitute the worth and quality of hand-made carpets or rugs. Gorgeous hand-made carpets or rugs have been well thought-out to be ecological and exceptionally precious. Also, the hand-made carpets and rugs are more hard-wearing when compared to the artificial machine-made ones as they make use of strapping natural fibers.

Jaipur Rugs:

Jaipur Rugs, a famous handmade carpets company that has its head office in Jaipur functions across ten states in India all the way through its intricate system of more than 20 branches and a self-governing weaver support of about 40,000 workers. Jaipur rugs are one of the foremost companies of handmade carpets which concentrate in unique “hand-knotted” carpets. Basically, the Jaipur Rugs investigates the brilliant way through which a company can assist the deprived by linking them to international markets. Jaipur Rugs does this connection by building and setting up a worldwide supply chain on a huge degree. One such connection focuses on mounting human potential and skills at the workers level, offering stable earnings for countryside workers in the several undeveloped and deprived rural areas of India and linking them to the global markets of the wealthy, for example the United States of America. Hundreds of self-governing workers are prepared to constantly manufacture a first-rate product, on a multifaceted decentralized source all the way through a network of business that is inimitable. Jaipur rugs not only makes use of conventional weavers but also enlightens the skill to people who do not boast a convention of weaving in a very short period of time. The raw materials for making Jaipur rigs are fetched from different parts of the globe, developed into rugs with long-established and innovative designs in countryside India while upholding the exact quality of the outcomes. Simply put, Jaipur Rugs offers an exceptional and energetic exemplar of how a money-spinning profitable connection among the deprived and prosperous people across the globe can be successfully created.

Origination and Founder of Jaipur Rugs:

Jaipur Rugs was established in the year 1978 by Mr. N. K. Chaudhary who instigated the carpet production with 2 approaches. In due course, Chaudhry moved to Gujarat and his trade business was prolonged mainly in tribal areas. Later, in 1999, Mr. N K Chaudhary came to Jaipur so as to commence his self-regulating firm known as Jaipur Carpets. Jaipur Carpets was rehabilitated as “Jaipur Rugs Company Private Ltd” in the year 2006. At the moment, Jaipur rugs have branches over 30 countries and met earnings of more than 14 million dollars between the years 2008 to 2009. Mr. N. K. Chaudhary, the Chairman, Founder and Managing Director of Jaipur Rugs established the company in the year 1978 with just 2 looms and 9 artisans. Mr. Chaudhary’s capitalist drive eventually escorted him to Jaipur to chase a profession in the rug export commerce. His dream and amazing leadership qualities made him into a victorious leader in the carpet business. He has been honoured with the “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur” for the year 2010 for the unsurpassed establishment.

Methodological Architecture of Jaipur Rugs:

The technical architecture of Jaipur rugs blends information technology (IT) infrastructure, faithfulness, human interaction and training. At heart, Jaipur Rugs eradicated the concept of middlemen by creating a unswerving connection between the company and the weavers. The investment of Jaipur Rugs’ in IT communications comprise an “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)” network to optimize its geologically assorted supply chain, permit for the stability of work, institutionalize quality control and accomplish degree. In addition, Jaipur rugs also concentrates on fabricating ingenious communications and systems to distribute raw materials, be in touch with the weavers, and follow the improvement of work in inaccessible rural communities without power supply. These effective communication networks are utilized by the company’s branch office employees to successfully administer an extremely human capital intensive process. The major raw materials needed by Jaipur Rugs Company are silk and wool. A fascinating process of the company is the unique plan (design) and formation of the build sheets that are referred as “maps”. The maps offer simply explicable instructions to the weavers who normally have least schooling. The maps explain the workers about where to place each filament of diversely colored wool. The ease of use of the maps helps a weaver to create an innovative design on a given loom without any prior training. This accessibility in the business model of Jaipur Rugs represents that the company can sample innovative designs economically. Hence, around 28,000 weavers can counter quite rapidly to varying customer likings and business requirements.

Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF):

Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF) is a great project that was initiated by Jaipur Rugs Company. Jaipur Rugs Foundation is essentially a non-profit institute that was originated in the year 2004 to hearten waged people recruitment of weavers and to augment the wellbeing of the company’s weavers and their folks. In the year 2008, the Jaipur Rugs Foundation was administered by Mr. Chaudhary, with just 5 staff. Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF) was instigated with a vision of heartening the deprived group of people through sustainable jobs in the field of carpet weaving. On the pathway of executing the vision, JRF has been forming artisan groups in 10 Indian States by offering providing sensible jobs and monthly incremental earnings of about 3000 INR to approximately 40000 artisans of which 28000 workers are ladies.

Production level and Benefits:

The production process of Jaipur Rugs is an intricate system that starts with global sourcing of raw materials and terminates with global allocation of the end products. In the meantime, the rugs are fashioned by 28,000 countryside artisans across 7 states in west and Northern parts of India. They are also supported by more than 12,000 extra production workers and an all-inclusive system of logistics and quality control. The contractors of Jaipur Rugs are offered stable earnings from Jaipur Rugs as opposed to the seasonality of several other job alternatives. Hence, several rural workers can earn further wages from recurring farming jobs as well.


Jaipur Rugs tries to intensify its relationships between 40,000 virtual staff and its mounting number of international customers incessantly. This company observes the link between its end-consumers and artisans as a major factor to the endurance and scalability. The major challenge is to unearth the top approaches to promote these practical connections.

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