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Who would like to decorate their house with intricately carved furniture, big carved doorways and gates, carpets, utensils and various other decorative antiques? Or which lady would not love to wear antique jewellery complimenting her cocktail dress before going to a party? And further some people have passion for collection of antique items such as antique coins, antique furniture, stamps, crafts etc.

Gifts are the delightful ways to express the feeling that cannot be explained in words. Every celebration remains incomplete without the gifts. It is difficult to select a gift according to your preference. Antique products such as A Taj Mahal carved from ivory or beautiful ivory jewellery would be a nice gift for your loved one.

These items are very hard to find and due to the increase in demands of such antiques case of counterfeit have increased. Also there are several antique stores that reproduce the original antique and offer to sell. But these articles are the handicraft having an antique feel but true antiques are the one that aged over time. Once you know how to identify antiques and where to look for; there is no stopping for you. Here are some markets and stores which you may like to visit if your heart is craving for old treasures and recreating the vintage.

Jew Town of Cochin

Jew town is a narrow street between the Portuguese style houses. Jew town is famous for its antiques stores selling a variety of antique items. You will find a number of items like Antique Jewellery, crockery, wooden pillars, curios, wooden and metal figurines, statuettes, carved wooden furniture and handicrafts like wooden elephants, mirrors, wall hangings, and paintings. There are also lamps, Chinese urns, door frames, vintage photographs, and glass and porcelain ware that were once part of churches or homesteads of noble families.

Apart from these antiques, one can find sculptures, handmade toys, embroidered garments, floral oils, and chandeliers in many other shops along the street. A big vaarpu, a bronze vessel with handles on either side, is one of the major attractions to the Jew town.

Antique shops in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a fantasy land of the antique seekers. Silver utensils, jewellery, vintage furniture, puppets, old hanging walls, marble figures and some of the first edition books are the centre for attraction which forces people to visit Jodhpur. Rajasthan Arts and Crafts House, Rajasthan Art emporium and several others are the antique shops located in the city

Chor bazar of Mumbai

Chor Bazar is one of the busiest markets of south Mumbai. You will find all sorts of things in Chor Bazar. You can find many reproduced antique articles there like jewellery, hanging wall clock, bronze figures, vintage cages, bells and many more.

Rue Romain Rolland of Pondicherry

Rue romain Rolland can be a paradise for the antique seekers. There are a lot of antique shops which sell Burmese lacquer boxes, hand carved doors, jewels, figures etc.

Bismil antique store in Tamil Nadu

Bismil antique store is located in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. This store sells old coins, old vessels, old figures, old stamps and many more antique items.

Oswal antiques in Mumbai

They are located in dadar area of Mumbai. They sell all authenticate old coins of India.

Phillips antiques in Mumbai

It is the oldest antique stores of Mumbai. Phillips has a wide range of antiques including tanjor paintings, Indo-Portuguese and Anglo-Indian furniture.

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