Sidhivinayak Temple

Shri-Siddhi-Vinayak-TempleSidhivinayak Temple

The sign of traditional beauty and architecture is Sidhivinayak Temple. It is devoted to that idol of Hinduism which has the head of elephant to which we call “Lord Ganesh”. Over 25,000 devotees have rushed towards the temple so as to offer prayers and get blessed by Lord Ganesh. The most important day of Worship and Darshan is Tuesday. So many Bollywood celebrities visit the place and get blessed by Lord Ganesh so as to be prosperous forever. It is the good-luck charm of many people. It is the great masterpiece of art with a feeling of divinity.

The temple is positioned in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

shirdi-sai-baba-MAPSidhivinayak Temple History

Sidhivinayak Temple was constructed on 19 November, 1801 by Deubai Patil and Laxman Vithu. Originally it was structured as a small 3.6 m x 3.6 m square brick structure with a dome-shaped brick sikhara. The temple was built with the aim that the Lord Ganesh fills the lap of barren woman. The two divine idols was buried in the front of the ruling idol of the temple by Ramakrishna Jambhekar Maharaj by disciple of the Hindu saint Akkalkot Swami Samarth. In accordance to the prediction of Swami Samarth, after 21 years of burial of idols, a mandar tree had grown with svayambhu Ganesha in its branches at that point of place.

The temple was of 2550 sq m consisting of two 3.6 m Deepamalas, a rest house and living quarters for the caretaker. In the early 19thcentury a lake of 30 x 40 sq. m. was dug in order to meet out the scarcity of water. In 1950s and 60s the temple become so much popular. The number of aficionados was increased after 1975.

Sidhivinayak Temple Architecture

The design of Sidhivinayak Temple is beautiful. The deity of Lord Ganesh is carved from a single black stone whose height is 2½ feet. The idol’s trunk is skewed from right and the figure is represented with 4 hands. Figures of ‘Goddess Riddhi’ and ‘Goddess Siddhi’ have surrounded both sides of the idol. Lord Ganesh is positioned at the small hall i.e. ‘mandapam' of the shrine. The deity of Lord Ganesh is covered by ‘Gabhara' which is an octagonal shelter that is about ten feet wide. The beauty of the idol is boosted by gold plated inner roof of Gabhara.

Sidhivinayak Temple Impotent Things to do

  • Phool Gali: lane containing shops of fresh flowers, sweets, coconuts and many other ‘Puja' equipment which are purchased by the devotees as offerings to the god.
  • A large number of devotees are flocked towards this temple during ‘Sankashti Chaturthi'
  • Tuesday is the worship day of this temple on which aartis is going to be performed in continuous manner.


Sidhivinayak Temple General Darshan

For having darshan of Lord Ganesh there are two gates:

  • Siddhi Gate: This gate is situated at S K Bole Marg (Cadell Road side). After crossing police security check devotees come across Siddhivinayak Police Chowky from which a left turn is taken to join the queue going towards Gate No. 7.whcih is the Queue for free General Darshan
  • Riddhi Gate: This gate is situated at Kakasaheb Gadgil Marg (Nardulla Tank Maidan side). The same process is carried out as by Siddhi gate.

After General Darshan Devotees has to cross Gate no 4 for getting exit. Normal day takes 30-45 minutes while Tuesday and holidays take 1.5 -2 hours for General Darshan.


Common (Mukha) Darshan or Darshan from a Distance (Only on Tuesdays and holidays)

It is meant or those devotees who does not have a time for Darshan. When devotees pass Riddhi or siddhi gate then they have to approach Gate no 5 and join the queue of Common (Mukha) Darshan or Darshan from a Distance. Here also Gate no 4 has to be crossed for exit.


Thus Sidhivinayak Temple is a finest example of beautiful divinity towards which people get rushed in order to be blessed so as to eradicate their suffering and to be happy and prosporous.

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