Ramnathi Temple Goa

Ramnathi Temple

The location of Ramnathi temple lies at Bandode near Ponda which is in Goa. It is worshipped and visited in the honour of Lord Ramnath. Ramnath is made up of two words i.e. Rama and Nath which means Lord of Rama who is Lord Shiva. It is a holy place of Hindus. Another name of this temple is Shanteri Kamakshi Temple. There is a lake lies near the shrine for performing rituals. The temple has gained its solid structure in around 1566 AD. The renovation of this temple had taken place in 1905. The glory of this temple is at par and it is due to its tranquil atmosphere. Originally, the linga of the shrine found its main residence at Rameshwaram. As a confession to an act of killing Ravana lord Rama has set up the lingham of Shiva within this temple which was originally at Loutolim.

Getting There

One can reach Ramnathi temple by mean of three modes: road, rail and air. There is a good network of buses which connect Bandode to many cities. The journey through rail is carried out by Madgao railway station. The journey through air can be carried out by Goa International airport which is located at Dabolim.

Security And some Tips

CCTV cameras are installed within the premises of temple so as to visualize each and every activity of people. There is a tight security in and around the temple. A close watch is kept by the police of Goa on the temple. Yatris should not carry cash and ornaments with them. They should keep their luggage at safe and secure place.

When To Visit

The best time to visit Ramnathi Temple is from October to June. It is opened for all the days of the week. Its timings are: 5 AM to 8 PM. The duration of visiting the temple is around 30 minutes.

What To See And Do

The temple’s entrance is characterized bya long a series of steps. The canteen of the temple lies near to these steps. After entering into the temple we use to find a Deep stambh. After the circumambulation and having the long visit by the Yatris they use to take rest at this place. There are many gardens within the temple premises which produce beautiful looks. It also consists of sabhamandap i.e. a grand hall (having no pillars) and a special gallery meant for ladies only. The temple’s door is decorated with beautiful pictures and is made up of silver metal. The main entrance of the shrine is fantastic and walls of the shrine are painted with bright colours which gives shining appearance during the day. The presiding idol of the temple is of Lord Ramnath. This temple also comprises four other temples which are of Shree Sidhnath, Shree Shantadurga, Shree Betal and Shree Laxminarayan. The main deity of the temple is gold plated. It is decorated with beautiful poshaks and colourful garlands.

Where To Stay

There are many dharamshalas and youth hostels in Goa which provides stay at economical price. They are: Boys Hostel IHM, Safari Lodge, Matruchaya Lodge, Circuit House, Matruchaya Lodge and Udipi Boarding and Lodging etc.


Where Else To Stay

There are also hotels in Goa which provide luxury. They are: 360 Degree Beach Retreat, 3 Bedroom Luxury Villa, 1 double a/c bedroom with bath, lounge, kitchen and 1 Bedroom apartment in Resort in Arpora etc.


The festivals at this temple are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. The shivratri utsav is celebrated during the month of February/March. The utsav of Palkhi is observed at night. Except these there are other festivals like Navratri Utsav, Dasera and Kaul Prasad.

Side Trips

There are many beautiful places to visit around Ramnathi temple. These places are: Dattatrey Mandir, private collection boutique, st francis xavier church, Museum of christian art goa, Maina Lake, Gurudev Dutt Mandir and church of our lady of the rosary etc.

Travel Tips

Yatris should take a personal diary with them for keeping the whole record of the trip along with the feelings and emotions at that moment. Yatris should also hire a tourist guide to have a complete knowledge of the temple including its history. They should also take a first aid for curing the frequent injury.

Hence, the real beauty of Goa lies at Ramnathi Temple.


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