Pradosha Puja

Which god worship on the occasion of Pradoshapuja?

Hindu LordShiva worship on the occasion of Pradosha.

History of the above occasion

In the ancient times, celestial deities and devas approached Lord Shiva at the time of Pradosha so as to get free or relief from Daityas and Danavas, known as Asuras. In the Triyodashi evening, they used to ran around Shiv’s Kailasha and abided by the sacred bull of Lord Shiva, Nandi. Then Shiva helped them by killing asuras. From here, observing fast and worshipping Lord Shiva with Nandi emerged and continued in the temples of Lord Shiva on evening of Traiyodashi. And people start worshipping this as PradoshaVrata.

What is the significance of the above occasion?

Pradosha pujahas a great significance in our livesand people do worship and observe fast for himin order to get his good blessings to make theirdreams and wishes come true and for gaining prosperity, health, wealth and happiness.Thus, this puja has a great significance in our lives.

What are the things or material required for the worship of this puja?

Idol of Lord Shiva, Diya, camphor, a bowl full of water,flowers, fruits and other eatables, rudraksha, Sandal paste, Vibhuti,Abisheka, Fragrance, Bilva leaves, Deepa&Naivaedyaas, story book of Lord Shivaare the things or material required for the worship of this puja.

What is the vidhi (method) of worship?

Puja of Pradoshastarts with wearing Rudraksha and keeping the idol of Lord Shiva in front of us and light the diya and camphor.Then offer water in a bowl to him. Next do abhishek of him, then apply vibhuti and sandal paste on him, next offer bilva leaves, flowers, fruits and other eatables and Deepa&Naivaedyaas to god. Then pray god by reading the story book of Lord Shiva or meant for PradoshaVrataand at the end distribute the Prasad to everyone.

How to celebrate this occasion?

The occasion is celebrated by performing various rituals.In South India in all the temples meant for Lord Shiva, Nandi is especially worshipped on this day and the idols of Lord Shiva and Parwatiin a sitting pose on Nandi is taken for the procession.PradoshaVrata is observed by people on this day and they worship Lord Shiva also. Some people also worship god and remember him by doing bhajan, kirtans.

What are the timings to celebrate this puja or occasion in a year?

According to the Hindu calendar, this puja is a bimonthly occasion celebrated on the thirteenth day of each fortnight.

In which parts of the country, this puja is considered as more important?

All over the country, people believe Lord Shiva thus puja is considered as important everywhere.

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