Mariamman Temple Singapore

Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple

The ancient Hindu temple of Singapore is Sri Mariamman Temple. The style followed by this temple is dravidian. This temple is sited at 244 South Bridge Road, in the inner city Chinatown district. It was established in 1827 by Naraina Pillai. The temple is worshipped and visited in the honor of Goddess Mariamman who is powerful enough to cure the epidemic illnesses and diseases. The ornamental tower entrance of temple is Gopuram which is deliberated to be milestone towards generations of Hindu worshippers and Singaporeans. The main centre of attraction of prayer hall is the main temple of Mariamman. This temple is bordered by temples of two idols i.e. Rama and Murugan. Another core attraction of this temple is shrine to Draupadi. The next important element of this temple is free-standing flagpole. The complex of temple entails Lingam and Yoni statues. The hindu marriages were registered in this temple. Only the priest Sri Mariamman Templehas the authority to formalize the Hindu marriages.

Getting There

To reach and visit the temple of Sri Mariamman Temple the MRT to Chinatown should be taken. After that Exit A should be taken and complete the walking distance on the Pagoda Street towards South Bridge Road.


Airlines operate their checking counters before flight departure. Before getting checked by check-in counters customers should ensure that they entail their own valid passport, valid visa and air ticket. The print out of e-ticket should be brought if visitor has e-tickets. The checked luggage is screened by security of airport. Visitors should keep their luggage attended all the times. Visitors avoid to carry other people’s bag; gifts which are wrapped and has unknown content.

When To Visit

The opening hours of Sri Mariamman Temple are from 9 AM to 5PM for Monday and Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday. It is opened at 9:45 AM to 5 PM on Wednesday and 9 AM to 1:30 PM on Sunday.

What To See And Do

One of the most stunning features of Sri Mariamman Temple is Gopuram or entrance tower. So many statuaries of god and goddesses and mythical animals have covered up this entrance tower. The tower is erected with 6 levels and priest pray for god and goddesses without entering into the temple. The bright coloured statues have festooned each level of this temple. The statues comprise gods of Hindus followed by Indian soldiers called sepoys wearing the dress of british army. Some rites are being followed to visit the temple: Firstly shoes and sleepers are removed. Secondly devotees ring the bell before entering into the temple to grant their request. Thirdly devotees wash their hands and feet and sprinkle water on their head so as to get themselves pure. For purifying their heart and inner soul devotees break the coconut which signifies the break-up of their egos.

Where To Stay

There are so many hotels near Sri Mariamman Temple of Singapore. Visitors use to take rest in the hotels available at reasonable price and then continue the visit towards the temple. They put of their luggage in these hotels.


Where Else To Stay

There are also hostels near Sri Mariamman Temple of Singapore. Visitors stay there, take rest and followed the visit to the temples. There also visitors put of their luggage and has got refreshments and food.


The main festival which is celebrated here is Theemithi which is fire walking festival and is takes place during the month of October and November. There are other festivals which are used to be celebrated here and these are Navarathiri and 1008 Sankabishegam. A flag is hosted before few days of celebration of festivals.

Side Trips

Other than Sri Mariamman Temple of Singapore there are other places to visit. These places are Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which is 1-2 blocks away from this temple and there tooth of Buddha was stored, Maxwell Food Centre which is 60 km diagonal from the Buddha Tooth Relic temple where good cheap local food is available, way towards river and Boat Quay which consists of waterfront restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and Lion Head and Merlion Park.

Travel Tips

The temple of Sri Mariamman should be visited at that time when there are fewer crowds. Visitors should be well aware of picketer. All the rituals of the temple should be followed in a calm manner so as to get peace and pray for goddess for getting protected from diseases. A travel guide should be hired so as to know about each and every part of the temple.

Thus, a visit to this temple is a way to get the blessing from goddess Mariamman.

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