Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti

Which god worship on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti?

Hindu Lord, Hanumanworship on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.

History of the above occasion

Origin of the Hanuman Jayanti lies in the birth of Lord Hanuman. Angira, a great saint went to met the Indra so as to welcome him, a dance was presented by one of his damsel whose name was Punjiksthala. But saint was not interested in her dance and he begins meditation. This is very shameful for Indra and damsel both thus she disappoint him a lot and saint got aggressive so much that he cursed her by his Shaap. Then she realize her mistake and felt sorry, a merciful saint gave her good blessings and she became Kunjar’s daughter and her husband was KapirajKesari. After some time Hanuman was born and the whole community of Vanaraand humans celebrate this and from here, Hanuman Jayanti started.

What is the significance of the above occasion?

Lord Hanuman is having a birth on this day and on the occasion of his birthday, people, especially wrestlers, brahmacharis and body builders celebrate this jayanti because he is considered as a god of energy and wisdom and very powerful and humans want the same from him, so they worship him to get his good blessings for their good future and thus it has a great significance.

What are the things or material required for the worship of this puja?

Idol of Hanuman, Red Tilak, book of Hanuman Chalisa, book of Aarti, Ladoo for Prasad and red sindur are the things or material required for the worship of this puja.

What is the vidhi (method) of worship?

After having a holy bath in the early morning, people worship lord Hanuman by either moving to the temple or at their place. First they put red tilakon their forehead, Hanuman Chalisa read by the devotee and aarti done by chanting mantras and song and then people take round of the temple and other rituals are performed. After this, Ladoo in the form of Prasad is offered. Then red sindur is also applied by people on their own forehead.

How to celebrate this occasion?

This occasion is celebrated by people after having a holy bath in the early morning and with great level of enthusiasm. They perform some cultural activities and follow all the traditions as per the system and enjoy a lot.

What are the timings to celebrate this puja or occasion in a year?

As per the Hindu calendar, this puja is celebrated on the fifteenth day of ShuklaPaksha in Chaitra, the hindu month.

In Maharashtra, it was celebrated on the Purnima in the Chaitra, the hindu month. In Tamil Nadu, the celebration was done in the month of Margazhi. In Odissa, the celebration was done in the Baisakha month on their 1st day. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the celebration is done in the Krishna Paksha on the tenth day of Vaishaka month. In A.P. ,the occasion is celebrated for a long term i.e. for 41 days, it begins from ChaitraPurnima and ends on the tenth day of Vaishaka month.

In which parts of the country, this puja is considered as more important?

Lord Hanuman is worship by almost everyone in this world, so there is no particular region or state where this puja or occasion is celebrated on a large scale or is considered as more important. It is celebrated everywhere.

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