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The Hilly Temple

Jaipur known for its heritage and enriched culture has many secrets, stories and historical monuments which really make it “A Tempting City”.  Apart from its historical inherent features , the rocky terrains in Jaipur which lead to the amalgamation of the Jaipur – Aravali hills has also altered it and made it an amazing adventurous spot. One such electrifying and thrilling place is “Chulgiri” situated in the hilly area on the Jaipur – Agra road (approx 6 KM from Jaipur city). It is a religious temple of Jains built by Acharya Shri Desh Bhushan in 1953. Standing erect amidst of the mountains gives you a panoramic view of the Jaipur city and its adjoining areas. If you are a nature lover and have the hunger for adventure then Come Have It !!

I visited the temple with my friends. There are two ways to approach the temple either by climbing the steps (approx 1000 steps) or by a vehicle (approx 4 KM). As we wanted to make our trip a memorable one so we choose the harder way. We thought ourselves as the sons of Zues to do this herculean task but to our surprise we met a lot of people on the way. We also took some break in between and enjoyed the scenic beauty of the nature from each angle of our camera. On the way we really felt horrified and mesmerizing , due to the crazy stories by the people. At every short stay in between we peeped into nature’s green carpet feeding our belly. The urge and eagerness to be at the top of the hill really kept us moving and moving. After a few more haults, finally we reached the temple. It was almost evening and the sunset , it added a blooming  highlight touch to the entire scenery.

The temple was surrounded by a great landscape which entailed steep and rocky mountains with the green bushes and dense trees all over it. Reaching at the top will make you feel like a king admiring his city. You will really feel safe and contended resting in your mother nature’s charming lap. The temple has statues of Bhagwan Parshwnath, The Tirthankaras and several gods and goddesses made up of marble and  several precious and semi precious stones.  There are some holy symbols, columns, vowels,  consonants and mantras engraved on various stones. A big water reservoir in the temple is a good example of rain water conservation. The annual event of gathering takes place on 28th may in the temple. Well, the temple is open the whole year, you can always discover the spiritual senses and be the part of it. We visited the  whole temple, while lingering, adjusting and wandering the immaculate building was the fun part of it. We captured the whole scenario with us. Since time was passing it grew darker now it was time to return back .

With several advices and warnings by the temple people and various whimsical stories which were playing with our minds, we started our return journey. My mind and heart were having a fight resisting the uninvited thoughts which could only be brought to an end by a desperate man (the thinking man) and to my goodness I was awestruck by an unusual sound which I usually hear on Discovery leaving me as a mindless drone in the jungle. I was reminded of the priest’s advice as the whole way was captivated with hills and wild flora and fauna. So I accelerated up and turned all my gears down. We kept on moving recklessly,  performing a rigorous singing art and acting as real little ninnies. After few steps,  we broke down and took some rest but that fizzy sound again bounced me up . Now I was more eager to go down and finally covering some more distance we came down. A wave of laughter and mockery surrounded us. One of my friends was gazing at me and smiling with that unusual fizzy sound. I was again horrified but finally settled with the convict.

This experience which taught me lot of things but one foremost lesson in my life I will not forget in my entire life “Don’t trust any fizzy sound when you are with someone”. Well,  Undoubtedly the place is in the cradle of nature which calls you and traps tou in its hilly beauty.

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