Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Taj mahal is the pride of India. it is a symbol of eternal love. It was built my mughal emperor  shah jahan , son of famous emperor Jahangir, in the memory of his deceaced wife arjumand banu  begum  popularly  known as  mumtaz mahal. It  is a tomb containg  the body of mumtaz mahal.Taj  mahal is situate in agra ,on the bank of the Yamuna river.

Taj Mahal is designated a UNESCO world heritage in 1983,hence it is one of the wonders of world. It is one of the best example of Mughal architecture along with Persian, Indian and Islamic influence. It has a rich’s construction began around 1632 and was completed around took 22 years to build such beautiful is made out of   white shimmering marble.around 20,000 workers were included for its construction. Its marble seems to change colour when moonlight/sunlight hits its surface.three types of stones have been used (1) semi precious (2) rare scares stones (3) common stones.Taj Mahal has beautiful gardens and water body.which give Taj Mahal a heavenly look.

Agra is 200 k.m   away from the capital of India.bus or taxi takes approximately 4-5 hours from Delhi to Agra. buses  and taxes are easily available from Delhi to Agra.

Agra airport is 12.5 km away from the city.   Train is also available from Delhi to reach Agra. train takes approximately  2 -3 hours to reach Agra from Delhi. gondwana express, Malwa Express etc.

Luxury trains are also available to reach Agra like palace on wheels.

Words can not do justice with the beauty of the Taj Mahal, its incredible beauty  has to be seen to be appreciated

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