Optimum hotels in Agra city

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world is a real treat for your eyes. The moment you see the magnificent Taj Mahal, you will be overwhelmed by its beauty, charm and splendor. The unique architecture of Taj Mahal is simply superb. Planning a visit to Agra to see the world famous Taj Mahal and other famous destinations is a very good proposal. But, are you wondering where to stay in the busy Agra? Sorry to say that several hotels in Agra are dreary and jaded. On the other hand, there exists a few alluring hotel alternatives that will lend a hand to transform your stay in Agra as an unforgettable event.

Buckle up to explore the 10 best choices of hotels in Agra.

1. ITC Mughal : The ITC Mughal hotel is a well-liked opulence hotel option in Agra city. This hotel has a quiet garden background that is positioned in close proximity to the world famous Taj Mahal. The ‘Kaya Kalp’ health spa at the ITC Mughal hotel is awarded as one of the “Top ten luxury Spas in India”. Perhaps, one can get a luxury double bedroom at the famous ITC Mughal hotel for a price of 230 dollars (plus taxes) for one night stay.

2. Oberoi Amarvilas : If you don’t mind paying some extra bucks , the well-appointed ‘Oberoi Amarvilas’ that is situated no more than 600 meters from the gorgeous Taj Mahal is the best choice of hotel to enjoy your stay in Agra. In Oberoi Amarvilas, you can get comfortable rooms with a display of the Taj Mahal for around 700 dollars. You positively won't want to leave this hotel even after your vacation! This hotel’s view is that addictive!!

3. Hotel Kamal : Hotel Kamal is a reasonably priced hotel situated in an unassailable place near the south gate entrance to the Taj Mahal. Hotel Kamal is a popular choice for people who wish to get good value for money. Furthermore, this hotel has a tremendous view of the striking Taj Mahal from its rooftop bistro. The hotel has 20 rooms with fundamental amenities. The hotel employees are very gracious and forthcoming. The beautiful view of the Taj Mahal is so hard to stay away from. The room rates start from 1,000 INR for one night stay. All rooms in this hotel have attached restrooms and hot water supply. You can also get ‘free of charge’ Internet access in Hotel Kamal.

4. The Retreat : The Hotel Retreat advertises itself as a reasonably priced lavish hotel. This hotel wins by offering a relaxed, comfy stays for a decent price. The Retreat is a recently built hotel that can be reached by taking a 5 minutes drive from the superlative Taj Mahal. The hotel has got fifty four rooms and the room rates starts from 110 dollars (including tax) per night for a double bedroom. Complimentary breakfast and ‘free of charge’ wireless Internet access is offered to the hotel guests.

5. N. Homestay : If you like to try something special that is also within your means, then, opt for N. Homestay hotel in Agra city. In essence, N. Homestay is a cozy cut stone of a place with hospitable hosts. The warm welcoming will make you feel like you are home away from your own home. This hotel is positioned in a quiet housing area. You can hit on the Taj Mahal by taking a 20 minute stroll from this hotel. The room rates would be around 1,500 INR for a double bedroom (for one night) which include your breakfast. You get a free wireless Internet access as well.

6. Trident : The Trident hotel in Agra city is located in the middle of fine-looking gardens, water springs, scenic central quads that are constructed with red stone evocative of the Mughal epoch. The Trident Hotel is very near to one of the seven wonders of the World, the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal. The Trident hotel in Agra has two suites and 135 rooms that are built in the middle of the Mughal style quads, gardens and building to offer the guests a momentous stay. The Trident is located on the Fatehabad Road in Agra. Additional care has been taken to ensure that the food and beverages at the Trident play a part with the overall experience of a stress-free and delightful ambiance. The amenities that the Trident hotel provides are: Free WiFi Internet access, conference rooms, business center, physician on call, baby-sitter on a phone call and beauty salon to beautify the guests.

7. Radisson Blu Agra Taj East Gate : With its contemporary structural design and timeless appeal, the Radisson Blu Agra Taj East Gate is more than a lodging. This hotel is situated on 4.5 acres of land in the center of the city where many trade and relaxation zones are round the corner. Also, this hotel is located within the walking distance of the hotel Taj Mahal in Agra. Guests can take pleasure in the hotel’s meeting rooms, party rooms that can house up to 500 people with a full range of facilities.

8. The Gateway Hotel : A stress-free, invigorating and modern stay experience across the Gateway hotel neighborhood is designed to cross the threshold stay, interact, gather, work, exercise, wind down and travel around so as to deliver the brand assurance in a better way. The hotel’s focus is always on crafting shelters that enliven, replenish and refurbish the contemporary day traveler. Low-glycemic index foods and active foods for health conscious people is available here. Guests can wake up with a wide variety of breakfast offered in a buffet with a choice of healthy as well as indulgent choices in the local ‘home-style’ cuisine. An ‘In-room’ yoga facilities for the yoga devotees is offered at this hotel. Awesome tour packages are also included here that might let anyone to explore the destinations near the Gateway hotel in Agra.

9. Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Centre : The majestic Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Centre is a splendid structural merge of marble and red sandstone that are spread over an unrestrained 25 acres of gracefully landscaped lavish vegetation. This place is speckled with mammoth ‘water bodies’ and never-ending boardwalks. This miraculous construction perfectly amalgamates the prehistoric Mughal and modern structural design with up-to-the-minute facilities and services. The inspiring decors along the hotel’s pathway set the tenor for a regal way to the well-appointed rooms and luxurious suites.

10. Mango suites Ascent : This hotel is a ‘delectably-innovative’ low-cost business hotel in Agra city. Mango suites Ascent is located in the well-located area that is in close proximity to the Agra railway station, the Taj Mahal, the airport and quite a few local industries. This hotel offers ‘zero-fat’ lavishness at a very inexpensive cost. Situated outstandingly on the National Highway two, this elegant ‘bed and breakfast’ inn invites the tired travelers with lots of love to Agra as they drive from Jaipur and Delhi on the road to the famous Taj Mahal and other tourist destinations. In a busy city of numerous hotels, Mango suites Ascent shows up as an exclusive, well-designed business lodging with complimentary WI-FI internet in every room. This hotel supplies food to business visitors who visit the busy business and industrialized sectors in Agra city.

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