Jodhpur commemorates the 556th Foundation Day

Jodhpur established by Rao Jodha in the year 1459 AD, is well-known with its water bodies, traditions, celebrations, blue-shaded houses, and the royal Mehrangarh Fort. On the other hand, it has constantly gained credit as an international destination for luxurious weddings and lush birthday celebrations with the exception of the shoots of a variety of ads & films, both from Hollywood and Bollywood such as the James Bond series flick “Octopussy” and “Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book”.

Mr. Karni Jasol, the Director of Mehrangarh Museum Trust, declared that, In addition, keeping a mounting count of events of global standard, the Jodhput, at present is a destination for music festivals. “Jodhpur is now recognized with the music festivals such as World Sufi Spirit Festival, Rajasthan International Folk Festival and currently the Jodhpur Flamenco and Gypsy Festival”.

Jodhpur, the Sun City is geared up to commemorate its 556th Foundation Day. Almost the whole city is decorated with colors and proceedings at every nook & corner, particularly the legacy and tourist destinations. With the exception of the numerous programs that will be held in the Jodhpur city on May 11 & 12th, there will also be a few events to mark the day. Jodhpur is a momentous city and the 556th Foundation Day is a great day for the locals. Brimming wealthy with its traditions and crowned heads, Jodhpur has marked an exclusive impression throughout the globe. The whole celebration would display an attractive image of the myths that could be esteemed for long in mind. Beginning from May 11th, 2014, the Jodhpur Foundation Day celebration offered musical and folk dance performances by traditional artistes at all the most important city circles on 1st day of celebration. The “nopat” (a musical instrument) would be playing on the 5 main gates of Jodhpur on the 12th of May. On the instance, most susceptible place of health hazards, the “Kachhi-basti” will also have a health medical camp.

If you live near by the Sun City, then you would have noticed this wonderful event as it will imprison all the multicolored quintessence of the Royal Rajasthan. In addition, ensure to visit the generous Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur city. 2 days of vivid revelry will mark the foundation day of Jodhpur, the blue city of India which turned 556. Preetam B Yashwant, the District Collector declared that as part of the revels that started, cultural programs, photo exhibition and seminars focusing the regional legends, art & architectural legacy of the city were lined up.

Another official declared that in order to mark the amazing instance, the main circles and vital edifices in the city of Jodhpur were also lightened up that evening and will also observe folk performances aside from an impressive cracker show. The main Jodhpur foundation day will observe the people of the city waking up to the ajans, hymns of mantras, verses, prayers at the spiritual areas of the city not counting the harmonious tunes of Shenai at the 5 significant entrance gates of the Jodhpur. Mr. Yashwant declared that the major functions will, nevertheless, be conducted at the City Town Hall and Umaid Government Stadium on May 12th that highlights on the myths of not only the district but the whole state of Rajasthan.

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