The Swarm of Cattle in Nagaur Cattle Fair – 2014

The city of Nagaur is well liked in Rajasthan. Naguar is an old-fashioned and picturesque town in the state of Rajasthan. This town creates a center of attraction to a large number of voyagers during the cattle fair commonly known as the Nagaur Cattle Fair, Nagaur. The Nagaur Cattle Fair in Nagaur is known for the cattle trading on an extensive and wide-ranging degree. This fair is rejoiced for about 8 days every year. This fair generally is celebrated in the Hindu month of “Magha” that matches with the English months of January & February.

Nagaur Fair that’s held in the city of Jodhpur is the 2nd largest fair in the nation. The Nagaur fair will be held for about 8 days. Every year, Nagaur Fair is been conducted throughout the month of Jan and Feb. The fair is universally called as the “Cattle fair of Nagaur”. This is for the reason that the Nagaur Fair is primarily all about buying and selling of animals. Starting from Feb 5th to Feb 20 of 2014, the Camp ecstasy will be at Nagaur, one of most admiring wilderness towns of Rajasthan's for celebrating the Nagaur Cattle Fair. This is one of the major events in the calendar of the barren region that pulls people from pastoral communities throughout the area who dress up in their finest multihued attires to take pleasure in the amusement of the fair.

Cattle Fair of Nagaur:

Prevalently referred to as the “Cattle fair of Nagaur”, the Nagaur Fair single-handedly deals just about 70,000 horses, bullocks and camels once a year. The town of Nagaur, where the fair is been conducted, is one of the most appealing Rajput metropolis in the state of Rajasthan. Numerous animals are wonderfully decorated with plenty of accessories, to endow with a pulsating look to them, are assembled at the fair for the purpose of trading. The owners of the animals will appear in their vibrant turban & elongated moustaches, trade cows, oxen, bullocks, camels and horses.

The Spicy Mirchi Bazaar and Vivid animals:

Besides the gigantic animal trade fair, the fair is also well liked for its “Mirchi Bazaar” (i.e. the red chilly souk), which is the largest market in India. The fair also do trading for wooden items, camel leather accessories, iron-crafts items and several other things. The animals are abundantly festooned and their owners also wear dressy clothes with vivid turbans. The extensive mustaches of the animal owners promote to the mysterious fascination of this fair. With the exception of the trade of cattle, there is a lot of other magnetism at the fair. Out of all, the principal attraction is the Mirchi (red chili) marketplace of India which is a must-view. However, if you allergic to dust and heat, better avoid this market.

Cultural and Sports activities at Nagaur Fair:

The cultural and sports activities amuse the tourists and owners at the Nagaur Fair with their own appeal annually. The sports in the Nagaur fair ranges from camel races, tug-of-war, cock fights bullock races and bestows an amazing view at the fair. Nagaur fair is also renowned for its jugglers, storytellers, puppeteers and camp fire evenings turns into a life time experience. At the same time, you can also feel the immobility of the barren region sand in the midst of the enthralling ambience made by the folk music of Jodhpur. For added amusement, you can nod your head to the traditional Jodhpur folk music that echoes all over the fair.

Colors of Cattle everywhere!

Around seventy thousand bullocks, horses and camels are traded in the Nagaur Cattle Fair fair. Only because of the presence of the massive figures of cattle, this fair has got a great significance. Nevertheless, it is merely not the figures of the cattle that have mounted popularity for this fair. It is also about the excellence of the cattle that has offered the fair an extraordinary status. The owners of the cattle wear stunning turbans that glimmer with vivacious colors and inspiring extensive moustaches.

In spite of all the magnetisms of the Nagaur Fair, one thing that really grabs the attention of the visitors is the traditional Jodhpur folk music that resonate the whole wilderness. So, Pack your travel bags to experience a captivating Rajasthani trade and cattle Fair that is held from Feb 6th to Feb 9th, 2014 in the Nagaur region of Royal Rajasthan.

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