Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2013

Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) 2013, Jodhpur

mehrangarhThe state of Rajasthan is internationally much-admired for its harmonious celebrations and the twelve-monthly Jodhpur RIFF (Rajasthan International Folk Festival), at an assortment of sites casing generous configuration of the Mehrangarh Fort, is one of the most expected and the most excellent musical event in all. The Rajasthan International folk festival (RIFF) that is also known as the “Jodhpur folk festival” was initiated in the year 2007.

danceEvery year, the RIFF society attempts to amass over 250 performing artists and Musicians from all over the world. Annually, RIFF celebrates diverse musical heritages by producing new sounds through pioneering association during the month of October. The carnival assures a number of awe-inspiring performances from neighboring and worldwide artists. This year, the Musical chronicle delighted the music adorers starting from October 17th to 21th, 2013.

The Rajasthan International folk festival (RIFF) is the foremost twelve-monthly folk festival In India which commemorates the conventional folk music & arts. The carnival is planned to endow an open stage to all the folk artists and musicians from India and all over the globe. Over 250 musicians and art performers from Rajasthan and also from abroad convene and rejoice the conventional folk music and art legacy, thus developing ground-breaking partnerships with an exhilarating blend of global and Indian folk music together with the electrifying performances.

musicThis year, the RIFF of Jodhpur planned a chain of concerts, programs and events rooted from the ancient history of Mehrangarh Fort. The celebration is timed to complement the shiny full moon of the year. This day is called the “Sharad Purnima” in Northern part of India. During the RIFF festival the Mehrangarh Fort is festooned marvelously. Also, the fort has also been selected by the Times Magazine as the “Asia's Best Fortress”.

Basically, Rajasthani folk music is the essence and spirit of RIFF whereas a brawny limelight was presented on the “Manganiyar Muslim Community of Performing Artists” and the Bhojpuri Music. First time ever in the record of RIFF, the music festival featured its association excluding Rajasthani folk. An Afghani master rubab player named Daud Khan from Germany did a solo set. The Rajasthani artists also performed a track with Dilshad Khan. Manu Chao, the French-Spanish celebrity together with the Spiro (English folk act) and the Gypsy Kings family unit performed in concurrence. These performances mainly reserved the evenings of the Jodhpur.

transportEvery day, the Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival began at dawn with free events at the Jaswant Thada, facing the Fort. Additional events consist of performances by the Living Legends and the late at night Desert Lounge audio events beneath the glittery sky in the famous Rao Jodha Park. Moreover, a small number of interactive conferences were also planned to offer the visitors the rare chance to intermingle with the talented performers and inquire about their performances.

Pushed away the milieu of the Mehrangarh Fort, the Rajasthan International Folk Festival in Jodhpur city embraced remarkable performances by a few the unsurpassed musical maestros from regional Rajasthan communities and from all over the globe. Every night, the celebrations depicted amazing star acts. The festival also featured awesome events scuh as, a jazz night, a Rajasthani night, customary gypsy dances and early morning ragas.

Over all, some exceptional sessions on the culture of Manganiyar of Marwar, outstanding Rajasthani instruments and a practicum on Rajasthani drumming instruments were conducted in the 2013 RIFF. Thus, 2013 RIFF got bigger and superior with numerous accompaniments and fashionable musical events consecutively.

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