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Rajasthan: Bike Tourism

Rajasthan is one of the most visited state of the country. Rajasthan has some unique features which make it stand out from the other states in the country. Rajasthan offers not just new tourism opportunities but also gives the opportunity for traditional and cultural tourism. On the one hand Rajasthan's palaces attract the tourists on the other its festivals, folk music and food make a tourist relish his or her stay in the state.

There has been a massive improvement in the state of tourism in Rajasthan and there is promise of good tourism facilities in the state in the future. Rajasthan's Thar Desert, the massive hills of Rajasthan, Udaipur's lakes, the coolness of Mt. Abu, Sariska's and Ranthambore's sanctuaries and safari rides and Jaipur and Bikaner's are and culture provide great attraction to the tourist. Apart from this Rajasthan's unique skill with handmade things also pulls them towards the state. This is the reason why every year there is an increase of tourists to the state.

In the past few years tourism has increased in Rajasthan and tourism itself has seen many forms. There is a new form of tourism that has begun in Rajasthan, that is bike riding for luxury tourism. Biking across Rajasthan is an experience of its own, lets find out more about bike tourism in the state-

Elephant Safari and Harley Safari
With changing times Rajasthan tourism has also changed. Now not just forts, palaces and historical places are the limelight but other places are also promoted for their particular attractions. In the past few years Jungle safari and Rural tourism have acquainted foreign tourists with the rural culture of Rajasthan. The hospitality segment has converted old palaces into heritage hotels and given the tourist the feel of old style architecture. In the same vein to promote luxury tourism Rajasthan will also cater to the Harley ride across the state. IF everything goes alright then in the future tourists and fans of Rajasthan would be able to take a road trip on a Harley across the state.

The Grand Indian Travel Bazaar
Recently conducted in the Birla Auditorium, the Grand Indian Travel Bazaar had the likes of Richard Finny from Britain come down to assess the state of tourism in Rajasthan and he talked to the heritage hotel honours. The heritage hotel honours took to his advice and in the coming time, we shall see more steps being taken towards Bike tourism in Rajasthan.

The Romance of the Bike in the Desert
Rajasthan's culture and kingly heritage has become a point of attraction for tourists all over the world. The Desert safari in the state has also become very famous among tourists. That is why there are better prospects for Bike tourism in the state. Cruisers would be able to know the grand legacy of Rajasthan in a kingly fashion on their bikes. Now having organised bike tourism in the entire world Richard Finny has also organised the same tours in Himachal Pradesh and a Bullet tour in the west of the country. In the same vein he is planning a Harley Davidson tour in Rajasthan. HE feels that the heritage hotels attract a lot of foreign tourists. This is promoting luxury tourism in the state. Desert biking will be a lot of fun for tourists.

The Places to be Visited during the Bike tour
If the Bike tour plan is successfully launched then places nearby such as Kanauta, Mandawa, Jaislamer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Mt. Abu, Ajmer, Pushkar and all other tourist places will be on the route of the Bike tour.

Tradition to be Applauded
The traditions and culture of Rajasthan as compared to other states are worth praise and applause. Tourists love the traditions and culture of Rajasthan. Art work on bikes like Harley Davidson and Triumph, the modifications expert Vijay Singh has said that this would be a first in Rajasthan, which would promote luxury tourism. TIll now we organise such tours only through trains and buses. This would be the first time that a cruiser would take pleasure in Langiya Mangiyar, Kalbeliya and the desert of Rajasthan all at once.

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