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rajasthan-tourismThe wealthy historical, artistic and ecological heritage of Rajasthan together with vivid fairs and festivals and gracious people has turned out to be a most wanted destination for voyagers from throughout the globe. A few of the famous sightseeing products of Rajasthan have become globally famous and well-liked among the tourists like Heritage Hotels, Palace-on-Wheels, Pushkar Fair, Camel Safaris, Palace Hotels, Wild life Sanctuaries / National Parks and Desert Festival. Engage in the pastoral sightseeing of Rajasthan to see the villages of Rajasthan that are not fantastic. Still, they represent a self-effacing form of civilization. The landscape speckled with plenty of hamlets, jagged tree thickets, flocks of cattle and smoke from the furnaces being the solitary signal that there is a resolution at a stone's throw away. A bunch of huts that are spherical with thatched roofs, mud walls are teeming with a plaster of clay, hay, cow dung making a pastoral facade that assimilate with the sands of the desert around it.

Over the past 3 decades, Rajasthan has emerged as one of the most wanted tourist destinations in India for both domestic and foreign tourists. The year 1973 observed the complete arrivals of tourists to the State at more or less 2 million. The number has since increased more than 12 times to 25 million in the year 2006. The total spending by all the tourists who visit the state is more than Rs 1000 Crore per annum. Generally, a foreign tourist expends Rs 800 per day and domestic tourist Rs 400 per day, it is further anticipated that the standard stay of a foreign tourist in the State is around 2.5 days. The quickly mounting reputation of smaller and less investigated destinations that allure alcove yet considerable amount of voyagers from across the borders than any ornamental palaces or historical monuments looks like it catches the attention of the Rajasthan Tourism department.

In their recommendation to build up and endorse rural tourism in the state, the Rajasthan tourism department has chosen up 3 villages Khejdli & Khichan in Jodhpur and Sorsen in Baran as a part of this good development project. While Kichan highlights voyagers who congregate the place to view the Demoiselle Cranes, which arrive here in winters, Sorsen besides birds offer blackbuck sights & Khejdli well known for the human forfeit to save trees systematizes a fair in winters and lately numerous foreign tourists have shown curiosity in this small town.

Sensing a brilliant chance, Rajasthan tourism department has the budge to expand these villages in the rural tourism scheme and the Rajasthan government has sanctioned Rs 1.5 crore for the same. Every rupee spent by a sightseer in the State, changes hands 13 times and every hotel room create direct employment to 3 persons and circuitously to 8 persons. Sources in the department declare that, “People are keened in destinations past monuments, on the other hand, hitherto sites displaying monuments, architecture, handicrafts, heritage etc. were being enhanced. Trend shows that people are fascinated to go beyond the regular and they love the pastoral aura that these areas have to offer.” Plans have been drawn to and endorse eco tourism in these areas which have their own legacy and construct the vital infrastructure such as roads and facilities which sequentially will guarantee that visiting these places is worth the attempt.

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