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Bandej, The most popular in Jaipur Sarees

Bandhej sarees of Jaipur are so fabulous and attractive that no women can say no to them. Bandhej or Bandhani work involves tying and dyeing of pieces of silk and cotton cloth. The main colors used in bandhej are red, yellow, green and black. The final Bandhej after all the processing looks like with several dots, squares, strips and waves. Bandhej pieces can be dyed by artificial and natural colors. The main colors used in Bandhej are natural.

The background color is mostly on red or black cloth. Only dark colors are used for dyeing also. Bandhej is a traditional method of dyeng practiced in India. Bandhej or bandhani art works are quite popular in Rajasthan and Gujrat states of India. It is a tedious and time consuming work which can take upto a week if an intricate design is made. The cloth is firstly bleached and then folded in four quarters or it can be decided on the width of the cloth. The layout is then marked with the help of wooden blocks which are firstly dipped in a burnt sienna color. The area which does not require dyeing is then tied with knots of a thread. Then the folds of the material within a motif is lifted up and tied. To bring a contrast, each section is dipped in liquid color and then tied up.

Women prefer Bandhej Jaipur sarees to wear on traditional occasions. Jaipur Sarees, skirts, dupattas, lehengas, salawrs, kurtas of Bandhej are preferred by the female community. Some beautiful Bandhej patterns include animal and human figures. It is the longest process of dyeing. There is some traditional significance and meaning associated with the design and patterns of Bandhej. The Bandhej Jaipur Sarees which are designed for the brides are known as Chandokhni and Chikhara. There is a complex design in Bandhej known as Barah Baag but it is very beautiful when opened up.

The Basant Bahar design of Bandhej is known for vibrant flowers of spring season. The peacock pattern is known as Mor Zad and the Chokidal is the design that shows squares with elephants and other animals.

Bandhej Jaipur Sarees are also known as Bandhani sarees. Bandhej is a tie and dye process which shows the traditions of Royal Rajasthan. Nowadays, Bandhej is used to give a new look in the time of westernization. The common colors used in Bandhani sarees are black, yellow, red and green and the lighter shades like blue, brown and pink are used in the background. If the designs are complicated and intricate, it takes weeks to produce that. The tying work is mostly done by the women section while men are responsible for dyeing process. Fabrics of cotton and silk in Bandhani sarees are more in demand as compared to other fabrics.

Zari, the second most popular in Jaipur Sarees

Zari Jaipur sarees are also very famous. Zari is work done by a silver thread which has golden coating on it. It requires great effort and perfect combination of gold and silver thread on the silk cloth to make the best ever designs. The Zari Jaipur sarees  are the best ever outlook for the wearers. Zari Jaipur sarees are having greater fame in Rajasthani women. These sarees are the best options among the hand work sarees as they are the best outlook wears for women. There are thousands of artisans in Jaipur who are able to work on the thinnest and the sleekest Zari material.

These workers are most essential assets for the Jaipur Zari Sarees. They have a quite beautiful and great sense for clothing and color. The famous Zari Jaipur sarees includes embroided Zari Sarees. These sarees are considered as the best wear on the most smashing occasions. Jaipur is known for its most fascinating and eye catchy Zari work. There are so many colors in which Zari Jaipur sarees are available in various varieties.the famous sarees are Silk Patola Zari sarees which are used to wear on wedding occasions. Brides prefer to wear these sarees as these give a fabulous and glamorous look. Zari Jaipur sarees are attention oriented and the most attractive ones.

Jaipur sarees as a whole work for worldwide dignity to be felt in every part of the globe. the Jaipur sarees in itself serves the beautiful outfit without any decorative or artificial appearance mixed with it. the Jaipur sarees helps in enhancing the natural beauty of a woman in a better way.

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