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Bagru Hand Printing, An Introduction

Bagru is known for hand block printing and natural dyes. The Chippa Community people in Bagru are involved in the printing from the last 100 years. Natural Dyeing, Indigo Dyeing and wooden hand block printing on textiles are very popular in all most all parts on India and the wooden block prints are known as Bagru prints. The printing method involves a wooden block carved out in desired design and then dipped in the preferred color. Chippa Mohalla is known for textile printing. Here everyone is busy with dyes and blocks. The Bagru hand printing are famous for their exceptional quality and the Eco friendly nature. Traditional natural dyes are used by the artisans for printing the cloth. Jaipur Bagru prints have flower patterns in natural colors like blue color is taken from Indigo, red from Madder, yellow from Turmeric and green from Indigo mixed with Pomegranate. Bagru prints Jaipur is known mainly for the bed covers and bagru print saree.

Bagru Hand Printing, Jaipur

Bagru is a must visit place to acknowledge the artisans who are working on the traditional art of former centuries. Bagru shows the brilliance in the crafts and Jaipur block printing got its name by Bagru prints only. Jaipur Bagru print is a treat for craft lovers. Bagru is a small village and is located 30 kms away from Jaipur and is only famous for its wooden hand block printing unlike other places of Rajasthan which are famous for forts and palaces.

The textile work of Jaipur is known around the globe for its fine and superior work. Jaipur is known as the leading manufacturer and exporter of textiles. To add beauty to the textiles, several forms of art are done on them. The famous textile products of Jaipur are bandhani, kurtas, safas, skirts, sarees and other dress material. The Pink City is a hub for various products. These products are known for their patterns, prints, colors and designs. Bagru print products are exported to almost every part of the world.

The town serving the Bagru Hand Printing

The art comes from the nearby towns of Jaipur.

Bagru and Sanganer towns of Jaipur are famous for hand printed textiles. Their prints are known as Bagru Print and Sanganer Print and both are famous for exclusive patterns of textile design and prints. Bagru is a small town at a distance of 35km. In Bagru, there is a Chhipa Mohalla, where the whole artisan society lives. Organic dye is the exceptional quality of this print.

The good collection of Bagru prints can be seen at Rajasthali Emporium. Tripolia Bazar, Jauhari Bazar, Bapu Bazar, KishanPol Bazar and Nehru Bazar show a good collection of colorful turbans, beautiful sarees, odhnis and dress materials. Fascinating range of dyed and block printing fabrics are quality of textiles of Rajasthan. Like every other state, Rajasthan also has its special design, technique and color-scheme. The Hand Block printing on quilts of Bagru is famous. One of the other famous arts is block printing with vegetable dyes. In this wooden blocks are carved then soaked in different colors and then pasted on the fabric. These products are found in abundance in Jaipur, Bagru and Sanganer.

Bagru follows the conventional patterns of printing. Bagru printing designs are used in traditional as well as modern printing also in many forms of bagru print saree. In earlier times printing of Bagru was only known for skirts known as Ghagras, Bagru print saree scarves known as odhnis and turbans called as pagdis. But today we can see a wide range of Bagru prints Jaipur products which include accessories, clothing and other home furnishings. Now the work load is very high, so the printers keep standing all the time. All type of clothes is used for hand block printing. The export market of block printing is growing tremendously.

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