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In the hearts of the Rajasthani people one can feel the essence of the rich and diverse culture of Rajasthan. With the increasing globalization, the people of Jaipur are still attached with their values and rituals that allow them to signify and share the unique fusion which melts with the people in the front. If one wants to explore the grandeur of the forts, then Jaipur is the city to be. Here you can find a number of forts and fortresses in and around the city. And it won't appear absurd if you come to know the troubled history of North India during the medieval times, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort are examples of this kind. Elephant ride is must which one should do if going to the Amber Fort.

For centuries, the Pink city of Jaipur has been a great hub of arts and craft. The tourists can get an opportunity to buy gem at the Johari Bazaar, this market is well known for gem cutting and polishing. Handicrafts items are also a good thing which one can buy from Jaipur for souvenirs. The colorful old city which is painted Pink is the reason of the alternate name of Jaipur i.e. Pink City. The pink color makes the city look more beautiful and more people are attracted towards it. Let the people attract to the perfect combination of the city with color because of which the city is also known as the city mixed with the perfection of geometry and colors.

Jaipur offers a unique and beautiful sculpture and galleries. Sculpture is a form of visual art that is operated in three dimensions. Earlier it was related to plastic and clay arts but with development in products the materials like stone, metal, ceramics, wood are also used for making idols. A large variety of materials are worked out by- removing by the process of carving out assembling by modeling or welding or any other process like casting or molding. The most ancient sculpture in Jaipur is brightly painted to retain the beauty as it was in the past. The wooden sculpture has vanished entirely. All types of moortis, human statues, artistic statues and temples are also built by Moorti India manufactures. All the temples and murtis are sculptured and completed in Jaipur and nearby areas in other cities of Rajasthan. Moorti India is the leading producer and exporter of marble statues of all Indian Gods and Goddess. Moortis of Jain, Hindus, Sikh, Vaisnav, Jesus sculpture, handicrafts and garden statues, religious places are made by Moorti India.

Sculpture is considered to be the center of religious devotion in almost all the cultures and since last many centuries people are engaged in creating sculptures. In some form or other sculpture is related to religion that is why it exists till date. At Indian sculpture foundry based in Pink city of Rajasthan state, sculptures of bronze and ceramic are available. They have bronze casting, equipped clay and ceramic studios to facilitate the artists. The foundry provides a wide range of casting services to the artist.

There are four types of sculptures that are: assemblage, in the round, relief and Kinetic. Assemblage sculpture is made by putting different objects together which are manufactured separately. In the round sculpture or free standing sculpture, represents the modern sculpture. This can be viewed from any angle. This kind of sculpture includes the well known works throughout the time. A relief sculpture is some form of picture that is projected out or mounted on a vertical surface. Lastly, the kinetic sculpture is a free standing sculpture that is moved by some mechanical force or power of wind or water.

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