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For paper and board making a wide range of raw materials such as wood grass, bamboo, jute, wheat straw, waste paper, rags are used. The Indian paper and pulp industry is growing enormously nowadays. The handmade paper industry in Rajasthan is meeting the increasing requirements of paper products in an environmental friendly way. Jaipur is the world’s largest center of handmade papers. Low capital investment is required in handmade paper production. Thus, it promotes local entrepreneurship and provides more employment opportunities. It causes less pollution as compared to paper mill factories and certain varieties of paper can be produced by using this method such as filter paper, drawing sheet, water mark etc. The cost difference is also very marginal in handmade paper and mill paper.

Jaipur the only national destination serving Paper Art in Jaipur

The government of India has provided funds to promote handmade paper as mill papers are considered as a cause of disappearance of forest. So to preserve the natural resources handmade papers are promoted. Khadi and village industries commission is providing funds to the local entrepreneurs who want to indulge in handmade paper industry. Seven years back UNDP also provided funds to improve handmade paper industry and they were successful to a certain extent. Under the Rural Employment Generation Program, Government is providing loans to local people to start handmade paper units on a small scale, which also increases the rural employment.

Different types of Paper Art in Jaipur

Following are the paper art in Jaipur available in different forms:

Hand Made Paper Bags: These bags are made up of handmade paper and available in market in all colors, sizes and thickness. These bags are stronger as compared to plastic bags. These bags are also eco- friendly.

Handmade paper boxes: Variety of colors and designs are available in paper boxes. These boxes come in variety of shapes like heart, cube, hexagon and many other shapes are also there. These are mostly used by people for keeping jewelry, gift enclosures etc.

Handmade paper notebooks and journals: Many stationary items are also made up by using handmade paper. Letterheads, office stationary,drawing books, art books etc, are also made up by using handmade papers in Jaipur.

Handmade paper stationary sets: The stationary set is also made of handmade paper like pen stands, envelopes, writing papers etc. These items are available in various varieties and designs.

Handmade paper lamp shades: this is one of the most popular products of Jaipur. These come in various designs, colors, prints and shapes. This brings out a good ambient of light.

Handmade photo album: these products are made up by using thick handmade paper. Saree fabric and embroidery work is done on this kind of paper work.

Handmade photo frames: This is the best way to display your memories by putting your photographs in handmade photo frames. These frames are designed very beautifully. The work done on these are very fabulous. These frames are made up in variety of sizes and shapes. Good designs are also available.

Handmade paper stars: These stars can be used for decoration on various festivals. These are made by using various colors papers. Beautiful designs and prints are also made in stars.

all these forms of handmade serves the handmade gifts to the loved ones made by the excellence of the craftsmen of Jaipur.

Paper Art in Jaipur served by handmade paper industry

The handmade paper industry in India provides full time employment to about 10,000 persons in rural areas and approximately produces Rs. 21 crores worth of handmade papers. KVIC has also started handmade paper making multi disciplinary training Centers in Delhi, Assam, Mumbai which helps the local entrepreneur. Each handmade paper unit in India is said to roughly provide 50 crores worth material. Most of the units are export oriented. There has been a tremendous growth in the export market for Indian handmade paper and its product in countries like United States of America, Australia, West Germany and other European countries. In the last decade, there was a tremendous growth in the export of handmade paper products as the paper product manufacturing units have become 100% export oriented.

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