“Soul of Rajasthan” – the Unique book launched by Pathfynder!!

Rajasthan, a vibrant state with colorful cultures, excellent lifestyle and vivid festivals attract populace from far away from the state borders. Visitors might stumble upon a swing of books that mentions about the brightness and colors of cheerful Rajasthan but not something that could truthfully pen down the authentic “Soul of Rajasthan”. “Soul of Rajasthan,” of course, the name itself mentions that the actual and genuine soul of Rajasthan. The soul of Rajasthan is enveloped in this book which is to be commenced by a principal branding and marketing company, the Pathfynder Solutions on January 25, 2014 on the splendid juncture of India Tourism Day. Pathfynder Solutions is an imaginative consultancy firm. With the exception of managing quite a few brands both nationally and globally Pathfynder also has the chief blog Rajasthan Tourism Buzz in addition to Jaipur Beat, one of the leading online magazines of Jaipur.

The book is a fine-looking voyage that carried you through diverse aspects of Rajasthan. With each page being turned on, readers will throng together to this multicolored land that narrates about crowned heads, inheritance, cuisines, fiestas, citadels, palaces, shrines and other principal attractions. The book essentially offers readers a magnificent experience through the dazzling photography. The content that the book comprises portrays Rajasthan in a completely different point of view.

Mr. Gaurav Hajela, the Managing Partner of Pathfynder declares that whenever he travel to diverse regions of Rajasthan and take photographs, he always had the vision of fabricating a book that will articulate about it. Gaurav is a famous photographer and an individual who has traveled around Rajasthan expansively. Mr. Gaurav has been honored in a range of photography competitions. He has got his work published in the most important travel websites, global magazines, and also in an assortment of brochures and additional publications.

Soul of Rajasthan”, a unique book has also been instigated on social media and has its attendance on Instagram, Facebook, in company with its individual website. The copies of the unique book – the “Soul of Rajasthan” book will be available in the chief retail stores and online later. The book can also be read in your smart phone when the book gets its own mobile app in a short period.

Soul of Rajasthan will be released through the press conference on January, 25, 2014 at the “Forresta Kitchen & Bar” fin, the dining restaurant in Jaipur. The Soul of Rajasthan assures a superb voyage of Rajasthan that would make you long for for a vacation to the vibrant and lively state of Rajasthan!

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