Arth-Samvaad 2014

Finomina, the Finance Club of IIM in Udaipur, Rajasthan has fruitfully made all arrangements to conduct the Arth – Samvaad 2014. Arth – Samvaad 2014is the 2nd edition of its yearly Finance conference. This event was held on 25th January of 2014. The committees and clubs of IIMU offered sufficient chances to its students to master the wall-hanging of erudition and holistic development while being familiarized and experienced in systematizing events. Finomina's invariable venture remains as a great instruction to the IIMU students, the most recent knowledge from the globe of backing. In light of the modern economic difficulties and the disputes faced by corporate in financial management, a congregation of speakers, several leaders in numerous financial services organizations were greeted to make their presence in the symposium.

Arth – Samvaad 2014 started with a great opening speech of Prof. Janat Shah, the Director of IIMU. Mr. Janat offered his revelation for the institute with well-built prominence on research, investigation and free enterprise. The basic theme for Arth-Samvaad 2014 was the Financial Management, indications for the Future, appropriately developed around international financial disarray and outstanding future chances in the division. Mr. V S Sundaresan, Chief General Manager, SEBI and also the Chief Guest of this event, resourcefully premeditated on the subject progressing through the recital of financial marketplaces in leaps & bounds and way through which SEBI's spotlight on the Products, course of actions and contributors.

Constantly, Prof. Janat Shah has been a thrust in motivating force for his students. Aso, IIMU students observed an absolute instant of this assemble when the Chief Guest joined the Mr. Satya Narayanan R, the crucial orator of this event, who is also the Founder & Chairman. Mr. Satya Narayanan R is a student of Prof. Janat Shah at IIM, Bangalore. His capitalist victory in most important Career Launcher was the wheel among the enlightening Services companies of the nation. It exhibits the importance with which Prof. Janat Shah support the transformation of his students preparing all of them with his dream. Mr. Satya Narayanan R talked about the primary capital markets that can play a role in influencing the stacks and the principles such as paying back to the civilization which must show the way the businesses.

In essence, Arth – Samvaad 2014 witnessed 2 vital panel deliberations among well-known business leaders. The foremost board discussion was with the sub-theme – “Corporate Finance – Does Practice Meet Theory?” This theme was discussed by the panelists Mr. SouravMallik, Senior Executive Director, Kotak Investment Banking, Mr. V SrinivasaRangan, the Executive Director, HDFC, Head – Mergers and Acquisitions, Mr. SrinivasBaratam, MD and Kriscore

Financial Advisors. The immense experience of these experts gave an appealing and inspiring discussion with a mixture of notions of corporate finance that stroked on themes like conservatism, assessment to the shareholders, openings between theory and the lively globe of practice, money owing, justice and the confronts of predictable outcomes in the market. The finance aficionados of IIMU were equally keyed up to be in the spectators and the panelists instantaneously harked back to motivate the students as role models with their ground-breaking talks, offering multifaceted financial jargons in a light manner keeping everybody in splits.

The forerunners of the last day event were contests under the name “Vitt-Sangram”, the Pan India Debate Challenge, Article Writing Contest & Quiz Competition. The participants from foremost B-School also joined the squad from IIM, Udaipur for testing their knowledge in the showground facing the judges.

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